Masters 2018: A Preview of the season’s first Major

As we turn the calendar to April begins the major season in golf. The Masters at the beautiful Augusta National in Augusta, GA. The prize for winning this prestigious tournament is a green jacket. Many players have tried to win this tournament. It was invited by the great player Bobby Jones. He is responsible for Augusta National. When he ended his golf career he didn’t stay far from the game.

The events start on Wednesday with the Par 3 contest. This a fun contest where the players and their children can have some fun before the tournament begins. During this contest, the players will let their children hit tee balls or putt their ball into the hole. I believe that this is a way for the players to unwind before the pressure of the tournament. As with every major comes the pressure of winning.

The tournament begins on Thursday with ceremonial tee shots. Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. There used to be three but the late great Arnold Palmer passed away. After the three teed off the commissioner of Augusta National will say the Masters’ tournament has now begun. One of the traditions of the tournament is the player that won the year before host a champions dinner where all the past champions meet before the tournament begins. There have been some very interesting meals served at the champions dinner.


Coming into the 2018 Masters there are many favorites to win the tournament is Tiger Woods. Tiger has been on a comeback as of late. Tour veteran Steve Elkington via Jim Rome podcast said the cat was going to win the Masters. Meaning he has picked Tiger to win this year. Tiger has won the Masters 4 times before he is chasing Jack Nicklaus who has the most of any player. Another fan favorite is Phil Mickelson who has also won before. They will have a loaded field of many young players buying for their first green jacket or to win another one.

The course is known for its azaleas and a set of three hoes known as Amen Corner. The three holes consist of one par 3, one par 4, and one par 5. These three holes will challenge the players all week no matter what round. The rest of the course will also be a challenge. The length of it has been growing since technology has improved. The course is either the best golf course on the planet it is already known as a golfer heaven.

The Masters was my late uncle favorite golf tournament. When he passed away 2 years ago I took a sabbatical from playing but the year he passed away I watch the Masters and I was bitten by the golf bug. In fact, I had a feeling that he was looking down on me from heaven saying you need to back on the course. Thus, now I watch the Masters every year. Augusta National is my dream 18 holes. The field this year is awesome and should make for one of the memorials. My pick is Justin Thomas to win his first green jacket.

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