WWE WrestleMania 34: The build for the John Cena and Undertaker match is interesting

Since John Cena lost at Fastlane, it seemed that his road to WrestleMania would not be as clear as usual. He would come to RAW the next night and say that he would be going as a fan. Then in what was a last-ditch effort, he started calling out the Undertaker to come out for another WrestleMania match. This went on for weeks and we never saw him. Personally, these last few weeks have been some of the best work in Cena’s entire run.


While I am still a firm believer that they will have a match, you need to give a ton of credit to whoever is the person behind the scenes that is booking this program. They have accomplished a few things. For starters, Cena actually got cheers last night. In addition, these promos done by Cena seem to be unscripted and are blurring the lines. Finally, it has added a lot of mystery heading into Sunday with WrestleMania. By not having this match made official, you are going to have people who will want to get the network to see if this will become a surprise match.

The apparent reason for why they haven’t announced it is rather interesting. According to several wrestling sites, the feeling from Vince McMahon is that this match won’t help the card. The company feels that with a returning Daniel Bryan, debuting Ronda Rousey and many others the card carries itself. I don’t see any possible way where John Cena doesn’t have some sort of in-ring segment. He had one at WrestleMania 32 while he was not on TV for a few months. At that time he was recovering from an injury.

I am not the first to knock the WWE, but I applaud them for not making it official. I just hope they don’t announce it on social media by the end of the week like they have done for many other matches. WrestleMania 34 is this Sunday and will be seven hours.



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