Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Talk: Five players on the radar at Seven

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been in a struggle for the past couple of years. I would say that since the release of Love Smith, this team has struggled with finding an identity. Thus, it seems that they are in some sort of rebuild. Although, they seem to be making mistake after mistake when it comes to contracts and players. Hence, a solid 2018 NFL Draft may make amends for some of these mistakes. Solidifying a defensive backfield should be a priority for Jason Licht and Dirk Koetter. In saying all of that, we look at five players that should be on the Bucs radar at pick number 7. (Names are not in any order)

  1. Denzel Ward, CB – Ohio State

Ward would make a solid addition to the CB room for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Teaming alongside Vernon Hargreaves could give the Bucs a formidable CB duo or several years. The Bucs have been the proverbial strainer when it comes to pass defense. Adding a player like Ward certainly makes the holes smaller.

  1. Harold Landry, EDGE – Boston College

Landry played in just nine games during his senior season. However, he is still the best EDGE player in this draft. He has an exceptional ability with an explosive first step to be able to get to the QB. Rushing the passer is something that the Buccaneers need to help their young backfield. Indeed, Landry would bring that to the team.

  1. Derrius Guice, RB – LSU

To me, Guice is the second best back in the draft. In fact, he would give the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a legit three-down back for Jameis Winston to work with. Although, pick number seven may be a little high for him. The Bucs do need an RB, however. Sometimes you have to reach for a position of need.

  1. Vita Vea, DT – Washington

Vea is slowly gaining steam as the best interior lineman in this draft. He is a massive man who brings nimble feet. Even though the Bucs recently signed Beau Allen to play the interior, Vea would bring an instant upgrade. Defense needs to be a primary focus of round one and Vea makes sense.

  1. Derwin James, S – Florida State

James is an intense all around safety. He brings glitz and glamour on and off the field. The Bucs have not had quality safety play since John Lynch. Thus, James would bring that back. In fact, if James is available and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pass on him, Jason Licht should be fired on the spot. He is that good.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to fix a defense that finished last in the NFL in 2017. Doing so would bring them back into possible wild card talks. Consequently, it would save a few jobs down south as well.

Who would like to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take at number seven? Leave a comment below.

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