Cleveland Browns: Selecting Josh Allen does not screw up Number One

2018 could be a year to remember for the Cleveland Browns. This could make or break a franchise that has been in peril for so long. Having five picks in the top 65 of the draft can really rebuild your team. Even if the Browns only hit on three out of those five picks, they would have a winning draft. However, how important is it to take the best player with number one? There are reports that the Browns could consider taking Wyoming QB Josh Allen with the first overall pick in the coming weeks. Is this a miss? Don’t be so quick to say that it is. Here is why.

The 2018 NFL Draft is one of the deepest QB drafts that we have seen in quite some time. Taking a QB like Josh Allen with the number one overall pick is not a bad idea. He is steadily climbing the board. Allen, indeed, has a strong arm and all the intangibles needed to play the position. Although many believe that he needs some help with his footwork. In saying that, Hue Jackson may just be the one that can help him with this.

The Cleveland Browns do not need to draft a day one starter at QB. Let’s remember that they traded with the Buffalo Bills for Tyrod Taylor. Also, they recently signed former Arizona Cardinals backup, Drew Stanton to a two-year deal. Hence, the Browns could be ok with drafting a player that is needing to sit for a year. IE – Josh Allen.

Meanwhile, a QB could also be in play with the 4th overall pick that the Cleveland Browns hold. Again, you have to consider the depth at the position and the value placed by John Dorsey and Hue Jackson. They may feel that their team is in more need at other positions.

Furthermore, that could lead to the Browns not even taking a QB with either first round pick. Think back to last year’s draft. The Cleveland Browns traded back into the latter half of the first round for a strong pick. Thus, this could happen again. Especially with the depth at the position.

In fact, QBs like Lamar Jackson, Mason Rudolph, and Kyle Lauletta are all considered day 2 picks. Jackson and Rudolph are even possible as late day one type players. So the Browns have options.

All in all, I do not see how the Cleveland Browns can screw up the number one overall pick. Sam Darnold, Saquon Barkley, or even Josh Allen would all make sense. No matter how Dorsey and Jackson feel, I do not see them getting it wrong.

How do you feel about the Cleveland Browns and the first pick? Can they get it wrong? Leave a comment below.

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