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Dollywood: Why Can’t They Add A Hyper Or Invert At The Park?

Coaster enthusiasts were disappointed to learn Dollywood would not be opening a major coaster in 2019. Instead, they will be unveiling a family coaster as part of their new expansion. That’s not what fans has in mind. Most wanted a hyper-coaster or B&M invert. Does Dollywood ever give into the coaster fanboys and build what they really want?

Dollywood has a nice collection of coasters. They’ve got one of the world’s best RMC’s, the first wing coaster in North America, a heavily themed family coaster, and a Euro-Fighter/dark ride. This park knows how to select, design, and theme a rollercoaster.

As the times change, so do the needs of the enthusiasts. They want bigger and faster coasters. And while Dollywood has one of the best collection of coasters among all theme parks, they need to continue to build more. The park needs that new high-thrill coaster. But, a family attraction must come first.

While nobody is going to assume that this new family coaster opening up in the new family area will be bad, it’s not going to be met with the same enthusiasm as a hyper or invert would. Those are what the enthusiasts wanted. Although, for Dollywood, the new family section makes a lot more sense.


With families taking a big portion of the theme park market, Dollywood needed to capitalize on that. The County Fair section of their park isn’t quite up to the standard of a great theme park. Adding a more immersive family section is the right call to attract families, something a hyper or invert wouldn’t do.

At some point, Dollywood needs to build a bigger coaster. They can’t get by with the coasters they have now. As much as they need to focus on the families, the hardcore coaster fan needs some attention too. That’s still a major part of the business at the park.

I’d assume there’s a lot more land at Dollywood to expand. If this is indeed true, adding a major coaster in the next 3-5 years is a real possibility. Sure, they’ve got a nice collection, but growth is the key. And to stay competitive with the likes of Carowinds, a big budget coaster needs to be made.

In closing, Dollywood is making the right decision when building this family section of the park. Capitalizing on that market is crucial to the success of the park. There’s going to come a time when building a new coaster to diversify the lineup. Dollywood still has time, but it’s running short.

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