Ready Player One: Three Takeaways From The Newest Steven Spielberg Film

Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest directors of all-time. Ready Player One might be his best film yet. There’s something special about this picture. Whether or not it’s the hidden easter eggs, the animation, or a myriad of other factors, this isn’t one you’ll not soon forget. What were my takeaways from the latest Spielberg gem?

1. Pop Culture-
The number of references to many forms of entertainment is extravagant with Ready Player One. There’s everything from King Kong to Cocktail (A personal favorite of mine). With the film relying so heavily on easter eggs, there’s a lot of references and hidden things many won’t get. Although, the majority of moviegoers will understand and see more than half of the references.

Ready Player One steps in uncharted territory for films. The hidden tidbits to other films is a first. You might find small references to other pop culture items in a movie, but not on this level. It’s because of these hidden nuggets that re-watching this film is highly recommended.

2. Visuals-
As with most blockbuster film, RPO used high-quality visuals to tell the story. The Oasis is a visually stunning computer-generated world. Spielberg really brought this to life. You do feel as if you’ve stepped into a virtual wonderland. This is one of the best-looking films of the last decade.

3. Steven Spielberg-

There are some directors that are masters of their craft. Spielberg is one of those. His attention to detail in films is second to none. Ready Player One is one the most ambitious projects he’s taken on. It’s a return to form for him. These big budget blockbusters are what he made his name on.

You can’t deny the greatness of Spielberg. From the visuals to the acting, everything about Ready Player One is spot on. We’ve seen him at his best, but this film takes it to another level. It’s without a doubt, the best film he’s done. That’s saying something considering the catalog Spielberg has.

Don’t hesitate to see Ready Player One. It’s not just a film for gamers and pop culture nerds. The movie carries a strong message as well. This won’t win any acting, directing, or best picture Oscars, but that doesn’t mean this is a film to overlook. Ready Player One is a really good picture. In fact, it might be one of the best I’ve seen.

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