New York Yankees: New York Yankees: Bullpen needs to step up for World Series to be reality

Coming into the 2018 season the New York Yankees best part of their club was their bullpen. However, over the past two games, the Yankees bullpen have allowed six runs in the eighth inning, resulting in losses. No this is not an April Fool’s joke.

If the Yankees bullpen continues to struggle over the course of this campaign, then they may have to spend extra resources to fix it. Otherwise, it may end up a lost year and a disappointing one at that.

There are too many talented arms in that pen and therefore, I expect them to turn this thing around.

Luckily for New York, they have an offense that is one of the best in the game and they have some good quality starters in their rotation.

What if things get worse for New York’s pen?

Well, it’s one of those things where they may have to look at the free agent market or look into a trade of some kind.

Dellin Betances could be on the trade block and if he finds a way to build up his stock, then the Yanks could deal him for a package of stud relievers.

This makes sense because he is getting paid just over $5 million this season and if New York doesn’t feel like giving him a huge payday then he very well might get moved.

If a team is searching for an elite reliever than they might not mind going after Betances even though he is already 30-years old and he relies a lot on his powerful fastball to get outs.

Obviously, it’s extremely early in the season, but it’s not a bad idea to keep options open if the Yankees bullpen doesn’t progress.

The Yanks will return to the Bronx to face the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday and Wednesday, before hosting Baltimore for a four-game set.

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