Ring of Honor: Predictions For Supercard Of Honor in New Orleans

Ring of Honor is set for its biggest PPV of the year. Supercard of Honor might feature the best match of WrestleMania weekend (Omega vs. Cody). Make no mistake about it, the rest of the card is stacked as well. What are my predictions for the big event?

Ring Of Honor Tag Titles
The Briscoes vs. Jay Lethal/Hiroshi Tanahashi-
Don’t expect the Briscoes to lose their belts anytime soon. Considering The Briscoes just won the belts at the 16th Anniversary, the duo of Tanahashi and Lethal won’t walk out of New Orleans as champs. Still, this will be one great match. When Lethal gets in the ring, you expect 5-star quality. Throw in Tanahashi, who’s one of Japan’s brightest, and you’ve got quite the battle.

ROH TV Title
Kenny King vs. Silas Young (Last Man Standing)-
King, the ROH TV champ will put his belt on the line against Young. These two have no love towards each other. The matches and segments between the two have been physical and intense. Supercard of Honor will be the final act of their feud. Expect King to retain his belt. Although, this isn’t going to be a match for the weak of heart.

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Punishment Martinez-
Ishii is no stranger the Ring of Honor. Still, he’s facing a tough test with Martinez. These two will have a battle for the ages. There’s no clear winner for this match. If I’m to pick anyone it’s Punishment Martinez. However, a win for Ishii wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

ROH 6-Man Titles
So Cal Uncensored vs. Young Bucks/Flip Gordon-
Could this be the beginning of a new partnership? Is Flip Gordon going to be a member of the Bullet Club (assuming there’s one left after Supercard of Honor)? Whatever the case may be, don’t count on this unlikely pairing to win the 6-man belts. So Cal just won the belts at the 16th Anniversary. I doubt ROH take the belts off their hands so soon, especially with the stipulation placed on them for the end of the year.

Hangman Page vs. Kota Ibushi-
Here’s a match that has serious implications for the future of Bullet Club. Page, a loyal backer of Cody against Ibushi, Omega’s new best chum. It’s a rivalry match, to say the least. And while Ibushi doesn’t have any Bullet Club allegiance, he might hold the key to their demise. This match won’t end clean. It’s for this reason Hangman Page wins the fight.

Kelly Klein vs. Tenille Dashwood-
Yes, both Klein and Dashwood have yet to clinch a spot in the finals of the Women of Honor Tournament. It’s pretty obvious that these two women will be the final two. Klein has yet to be pinned in WOH. And as big of a name as Dashwood is, it’s a travesty to not have Klein win the first Women of Honor title.

ROH World Title
Dalton Castle vs. Marty Scurll-
Castle has been the Ring of Honor champ since Final Battle. He’s gone up against Punishment Martinez and Jay Lethal during his reign. And while he’s been a worthy champ, it’s Scurll who’s the real draw in Ring of Honor. Scurll has waited long enough. He’s going to become the next Ring of Honor champ at Supercard of Honor. The villain will get the last laugh.

Cody vs Kenny Omega-
This is the match everyone has waited for. While it’s unclear how this will impact Bullet Club, these two are going to put on a show. It’s a toss-up as to who wins this match. There’s a lot of money riding on the Bullet Club. I wouldn’t expect either Cody or Omega to leave. Still, Omega is the star here. He’s going to win the match. Just expect something big after its conclusion.

There you have it, Supercard of Honor. Marty Scurll will finally taste the Ring of Honor World Championship. We’ll see the biggest match of WrestleMania weekend with Cody and Omega. This show will definitely live up to the hype, and then some.


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