NBA and WWE player to wrestler comparison

The two most exciting sports on at the moment is the NBA and WWE. I think what is most appealing to the fans of each is the star appeal the sport has created. Two names that are almost household at this point would be John Cena and LeBron James. The two guys that move ratings on a nightly basis.

LeBron James is the most captivating athlete in the league and maybe in sports. The obvious comparison is John Cena, who gets a multitude of boos and cheers when he enters an arena. In the same way, most people either love LeBron James or they loathe him. In the wrestling business that is called getting “heat” and dividing a crowd is the ultimate goal.

The other similarity they share is the longevity they have both had in their respective sports. LeBron has never been sidelined with a serious injury and been on the court making a difference since 2003-04. John Cena first debuted with the WWE in 2002 and has not slowed down since. He has been the main attraction for fifteen years. These two definitely share the role as top dawg and lead draw for their sports.

AJ Styles debuted a couple of years ago and has not looked back since. I would say he’s the most fun wrestler to watch, from an entertainment standpoint. Since joining the roster, he has lead the WWE in merchandise sales and is a fan favorite no matter what city they happen to be in. The best NBA comparison I can draw is Russell Westbrook.

Russell is the type of player who will do anything to win, and for most people, that’s very entertaining to watch. Westbrook has a motor on him unlike most in the league. Some nights, analyst might say he’s wasting energy out on the court at times but that is just how he’s built to play the game. Russ and AJ are the stars who show up every night and deliver a huge dose of entertainment for their fans.

Anthony Davis is one of the most talented young players in the league. His versatility and raw offensive ability are once in a generation. At this young point in his career, he already has more double-digit rebound games than Tim Duncan (think about that). The league has been put on notice this year that the immediate NBA future will go through Anthony Davis at some point. I think the most logical WWE comparison to Davis is none other than Braun Strowman. At the moment Braun might be the most “over” guy in the company. This past year the WWE really let him do his thing and in return the fans loved him.

He is the brand new version of Andre the Giant But way more athletic. At times when you watch Strowman, you almost forget he’s 6 foot 10 and 375-pound freak because he does things “big guys” shouldn’t be able to. When I watch Anthony Davis at times I feel the exact same way. A seven footer should not be able to drive the lane and dish to an open man so easily. I like this comparison mostly because of their size and freakish ability to turn heads while doing things outside of most big guys skill sets.

My final comparison is a good one. The Undertaker has done his thing with WWE for years now. Some call him one of the greatest ring workers of all time. Taker is the guy we all wanted our favorite superstar to beat and overcome. Wrestling will always be around, but a performer and gimmick like Takers doesn’t come but once in a generation. Keeping that mindset I love the comparison to Taker being Manu Ginobili.

Manu is one of the most talented players to ever lace them up. Every night he comes and out and gives his all even though the man is 40-years old. Both these men have poured blood, sweat, and tears for their sport. It’s pretty cool to see Manu at this stage still contributing and helping his team when needed. The Undertaker is 53 and likely still going to continue his streak of WrestleManias competed in. Even if you don’t like Manu or Taker you have to tip your cap at the amount of passion they poured into their sport.


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