Black Mirror: Is there a Season 5 In The Works?

Creator of Netflix phenomenon “Black Mirror” Charlie Brooker has hinted that there will be a 5th season coming. According to the “Hollywood Reporter,” the show has been renewed for a 5th season by Netflix. For the readers who are not familiar with the Netflix series, it originally aired in December 2011. The fantasy drama is quite the acquired taste.  When the show first aired it was on the U.K.’s Channel 4.  The thing I admire is that there are no recurring roles. Each episode is completely different from the next so it’s simple to follow. The first season had a total of 3 episodes when it first released.


Normally, it takes Brooker awhile to release each season so don’t expect season 5 anytime soon. He is without a shadow of a doubt one of the darkest television writers around. With each episode having a deranged twist, promises to keep your attention but can be a bit much even for me. The cast is not star-studded but a few notable actors/actresses have made cameos. Kirsten Dunst who you may know from various movies most notable “Bring it On”. Also, Aaron Paul “Breaking Bad” co-star, and Walter White’s sidekick appeared in an episode.

Comparable to the Twilight Zone the show is a Sci-Fi hit! It taps into a variety of things regarding the future of the modern world. A bulk of the episodes plot around the advancement of technology and what we could look forward to.

In 2012, the television show won Best TV Movie/Miniseries at the International Emmy awards.  The IEA’s are for the shows which initially aired outside of the United States.  Many journalists such as myself call the series a Magic 8 ball for the future. A few events on previous episodes have come to fruition in actuality.  An episode titled “Waldo Moment” back in 2013 hinted at the Donald Trump presidency.  Also, a popular episode in this series is “Nosedive” it talks about a Social Credit System. Meaning they rate you based off of your experiences with people. You can’t live in certain areas if your Social Credit score is sub par. Brooker talks more about the episode with “The Daily Beast” 

So, if you ask me I believe we can look for season 5 around the beginning of 2019. Netflix plans to release trailers toward the release date as done with prior seasons.

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