Game Over, Man: It’s Game Over For The Latest Netflix Orignial Movie

I really have no words for Game Over, Man. This might be the worst film I’ve ever seen. That’s just not when it relates to Netflix originals. The movie is so bad its worth a second viewing just to really grasp how awful it really is.

In all honesty, the plot of the film intrigued me. When a hotel is taken over by terrorists, it’s up to a group of housekeepers to defend the hotel and its guests. It does seem silly and ridiculous. I just didn’t expect this to be as bad as it really was.

The film stars Adam Devine, best known from Pitch Perfect and Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates. It should be known by now that he’s not a very good actor. Netflix featured him in an original film not too long ago called When We First Met. That was a better picture than this train wreck.

The lone highlight of Game Over, Man was Daniel Stern. The longtime actor plays a disrespectful and self-centered hotel manager. And while he’s not in the film for long, the scenes with him are memorable. This includes a very interesting moment with a rather questionable part of the male anatomy.

What gets me most about this picture is its attempt to be funny. There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than a film which fails to hit on its jokes. Sure, there are some slight chuckles here and there, but it’s not a laugh out loud comedy. That’s unfortunate, as Game Over, Man tries so hard to be that kind of movie.


Some of the details in the film are quite over the top. Not to spoil anything for the film, but the three housekeepers design as human game controller called Skintendo. It’s a pretty stupid concept that falls flat on its face. And the amount of blood and gore in this film is unnecessary. There’s just no need for some of the excess violence.

I’ll admit I can really get into a movie when I want to. It’s very rare that I completely zone out. I found myself looking at my phone for a good portion of Game Over, Man. It’s not a movie you’ll invest too much into.

I was really excited for this film. The fact that it was a complete disaster really upset me. I usually don’t think much of Netflix films, as they can sometimes have very generic and bland original movies. You’ll get gems at times. Game Over, Man wasn’t a movie you’ll want to watch again (Unless you appreciate terrible movies like I do).

Do yourself a favor and skip this film. If you’re looking for another Netflix comedy check out Adam Devine in When We First Met. While he’s nothing special there either, the performance is night and day compared to Game Over, Man. And if you don’t take my advice, be warned that this will be very disappointing.


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