Does Racism and Sexism still Exist in the sporting world?

Society has some ugly things about it. The fact that racism and sexism still exist and both society and in the sports. There have been many events where society has tried to stop both of these elements. No matter what society has done these matters still exist. Social media has both helped and made the issues worse. I interviewed people through Facebook and asked them if these issues still existed in sports.

Racism has been an issue since the Civil War. This issue escalated in the 60’s. In sports, we could start with Jackie Robinson. The Brooklyn Dodgers took a chance with singing him knowing that most of society had not excepted what they called color players in MLB. At the time most of society didn’t want him to be part of it. What ended up happening is that it started a revolution to what the game is all about. Baseball is known as America’s game it should be a game that everyone gets to play no matter what color the skin of an athlete.


Recently an event happened at a hockey game. Multiple fans got into an altercation with Devante Smith-Pelly. He was serving a penalty in the penalty box when fans from the opposing team starting saying racial slurs towards him. The main slur was “You should be playing basketball”. Most African-American athletes play either basketball or football not too many play hockey. These fans were escorted out of the game.

Sexism has also been an issue for a long time. In many aspects, women are considered more important than men. In sports, the biggest issue has been pay and appearances that women have fought for. It started with Billie Jean King when she realized that the women in the tournaments, that she and her fellow female tennis players were also playing in, were receiving less pay. The problem is why were the male tennis players being paid more than the female players. Her reasoning was that these events were selling tickets to see all the athletes.  She fought for better pay and would achieve that goal. The LPGA has also had this issue with pay and tournaments. In fact, the LPGA tour was not being paid the same as the PGA tour was.

The LPGA finally went out and started obtaining more sponsors. The tour added more tournaments as well they are starting to grow the brand. The LPGA did this to make it more appealing for the golf fans to watch and talk about. Even though things are looking up for the LPGA there are golf fans that still believe that a woman doesn’t belong on the golf course. Most male golf fans believe that a woman belongs in the beverage cart or in the bar at the golf course. This is the sexism part. Why can’t women also play the game of golf?


The poll that I put on social media, asked if sexism and racism still existed in sports. The results are that yes it is still going on. The results also showed that the issues are starting to take a turn towards the positive. One of the results mentioned is that sports are lacking behind. Which in a way it is but it’s turning around. We have a long way to go in making strides to rid sports and life of racism and sexism.

We do have a long way to go. No matter what we do to make it better there is going to be people who resist it. Until we all come together and continue to see improvements are making an impact on these issues they will be present. Between the woman and the different races, sports is changing. Women are now playing sports that just men use to play. For example, not a sport but for the longest time Augusta National in Augusta, GA, where the PGA plays the Masters, never allowed female members. That has now changed. We need to start accepting people no matter their sex or the color of their skin.

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