Carowinds: Like Kings Dominion, Do Away With Hurler For Something New

Twisted Timbers seems to be a huge hit at Kings Dominion. Replacing Hurler, RMC has once again converted an old and out of date wood coaster into a masterpiece. Like Kings Dominion, Carowinds also has a Hurler. Is it possible we see the park call RMC about their wood coaster?

Carowinds isn’t hurting for attendance. They are one of Cedar Fair’s busier parks. Along with Fury 325, the park has numerous other outstanding coasters. The lineup would be complete with an RMC. It’s a coaster that would draw in the fans from across the country.

Here’s the one catch with giving Hurler the RMC treatment. It’s the only wood coaster at Carowinds. This might be why we haven’t seen the park try to do something with it. Still, Hurler isn’t a coaster that many are dying to ride. An RMC makeover might be the best option for the park. They won’t have a woodie, but I’d bet business skyrockets.


If Carowinds does indeed re-build Hurler, there would be a lot of nostalgic fans pretty upset. RMC is the hot name in the coaster business. There are going to be some who don’t care what RMC’s status is in the world of theme parks. They just love the old and beat down Hurler.

Hurler doesn’t need to be entirely re-built by RMC. There are other options. The first of which is something Cedar Fair just did with GhostRider at Knott’s Berry Farm. Perhaps contact GCI and re-track Hurler and give it that Millennium Flyer trains. If you need proof of GCI’s work on re-tracking, go ride GhostRider. You’ll get the idea pretty quickly.

Carowinds might not budge on removing this old coaster. Seeing as it’s the only woodie on the property, park management and Cedar Fair might not need to build an RMC. This why a GCI makeover might work for them. Not only do they fix the track and replace it, you’ll still keep your true wooden coaster.

RMC is the premier leader in coasters. Home to arguably the greatest in the world (Fury 325), Carowinds needs something else to drive in business. An RMC does just that. Although a re-track would accomplish the same goal. However, there needs to be a new coaster soon.

Who cares if they don’t have another woodie at the park? In fact, they need to help their bottom line. So, anything that makes Hurler a more enjoyable experience is considered a win in my book. Furthermore, enthusiasts would flock to the park. Thus, Carowinds has the ability to do something with Hurler. It’s just a matter of time when they actually do.


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