Tomb Raider: Three Takeaways From The New Adaptation

The reboot of Tomb Raider starting Alicia Vikander was one of the better video game adaptations I’ve seen. Unlike the Angelina Jolie led films, the 2018 Tomb Raider is one I’d see again. Here are some takeaways I had from the picture.

Alicia Vikander
She’s no Jolie. That’s a good thing though. Vikander (in my eyes) is a 10x better actress than the original Lara Croft. That’s not a dig on Jolie, rather a testament to how good Vikander was. She looks like a young Lara. Vikander is the perfect choice to lead this franchise for two or three more films.

Action Scenes
There are a lot of tense moments in this film. This is due in part to the many action sequences Tomb Raider has over the course of two hours. The highlight of the movies many action scenes comes during the second act. Vikander walks along a rusted and old plane settled on top of a cliff. There’s a point during the almost 5-minute sequence that you don’t know if she’s going to make it.


The rest of Tomb Raider is your standard action film. A lot of close calls, amazing stunts, and tense moments. There’s a pulse-pounding scene at least every 15 minutes. There’s so much going on in this version of Tomb Raider. It’s impossible to not be caught up in the action.

Lara Croft 
Obviously being the first in the new series of films, this version of Tomb Raider serves as the introduction to the franchise. Thus, the entire film sees Croft without her signature double pistols.

(SPOILER) It’s after the end of the movie that we get a brief glimpse of Lara holding her signature weapon. For this reason, it doesn’t feel like the film is complete. Maybe it was just me but had that end scene not been in the film, I’d have left the theater feeling a lot less satisfied. It just didn’t feel like the video game version of Lara Croft.

If there’s going to be more Tomb Raider films starring Alicia Vikander, I’m going to see them. She’s the perfect Lara Croft. Assuming the producers and director can bring the same magic of this Tomb Raider for a sequel, there will be a lot to look forward to. And this time she’ll have two pistols at her disposal.


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