Midnight Sun: What Are The Positives And Negatives Of This Film?

Midnight Sun could have easily been a Netflix film. It’s not the type of picture you want to see on the big screen. The plot of the film works well. There’s just a lot of things the director and producer didn’t get right. On the other hand, there were some things they did quite well.


You don’t go into Midnight Sun expecting Academy Award performances. Some of the acting from the lead characters is nowhere near acceptable. Rob Riggle wasn’t the right person for his role. His style best suits him for comedy films. Bella Thorne, who wasn’t at her worst, isn’t usually a top actress.

The highlight of the film was Patrick Schwarzenegger. He’s gone from supporting role to a possible lead at some point in the future. While I wouldn’t say he was great in Midnight Sun, he showed that there’s a great actor ready to emerge. Schwarzenegger didn’t really have that standout moment, but you know he’s on his way to bigger things.


While the acting wasn’t the best part of this picture, the story and plot were original. Without giving too much away, Thorne’s character (Katie) has a rare disease which prevents her from being in contact with sunlight. She falls in love with Schwarzenegger (Charlie), and the two embark on a relationship that might be a struggle because of her disease.

The film moves at a great pace. There’s a lot of moments where you’ll want to shed a tear. You’ll become invested in this movie. While you won’t come away saying it’s a better love story than The Notebook, you’ll be pleasantly amazed at how good the story and plot really are. It almost feels like a Nicholas Sparks adaptation.

With that being said, the film does have its downfalls on plot/script. Some moments in the film make you scratch your head as to why it was there in the first place. An example is the talk of a procedure done for those who have XP. (Spoiler) They mention it quite a few times, but nothing ever comes of it. If that’s going to be mentioned, at least follow-up on it in the film.

Again won’t give too much away, but the ending really does make this film. In fact, the acting will not impress you. However, this movie really does a number on you at its conclusion. You’re going to shed a tear. It’s almost impossible not to.

Midnight Sun isn’t a bad film, just not one you’d need to see in theaters. I’ve listed more good than bad about the film. That’s on purpose. The acting really brings the film down. It’s unfortunate because there’s a really good story to tell here. So, would I pay $10 to see Midnight Sun? No. Thus, I would say it’s a good date night movie at home.


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