Mute: Three Takeaways From The Netflix Original Film

Netflix isn’t afraid to put out original content. Mute, one of the streaming services newest films is proof of their ability to produce theater quality work. It’s not a perfect film by any means. There are a lot of problems with Mute, as well as things it got right. What are some takeaways from this film?

Paul Rudd-
Playing the films’ main antagonist, Rudd puts on a great performance. This isn’t new territory for him. He’s had standout roles in Netflix’s The Fundamentals of Caring and Ant-Man. Mute is a far cry from those films. We’ve not seen the evil and sadistic side of Rudd for quite some time (If at all).

His character, Cactus Bill, isn’t necessarily a bad man at first. As the movie progresses, we start to see his true colors. Rudd is able to channel a much more sinister character than we are used to seeing from him. He goes from caring father to sadistic in the blink of an eye. Very well-rounded performance from him.

Justin Therox plays Duck, Cactus Bill’s only real companion in the film. While he’s just a secondary character, his impact on the film was felt. There are scenes and moments where Duck is almost uncomfortable to watch. Without giving too much away, he’s obsessed with children. And sometimes that obsession goes a tad too far.

While characters like this are hard to watch, sometimes the movie progresses with this kind of storyline. Mute was not one of those films. The obsession with children isn’t needed in Mute. It was a side story that had no reason being there. It definitely added more backstory to Duck, but this is a tough one to tackle. Probably not the best choice for Director, Duncan Jones.

Third Act-
The third act is where the film goes downhill. It’s actually more the last scene. After the twist at the end (which should have been seen coming), it’s confusing as to why Jones didn’t just cut the film off about 10 minutes earlier. Mute just drags after the explosive finale. There could have been a better film had it ended sooner.

I’d say Mute is one the most ambitious Netflix projects to date. It has the feel of a big budget action film. Overall, Mute is a very well done film. Don’t expect an Oscar quality picture. If you just take it as a good way to kill 2 hours you’ll definitely be satisfied.

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