College Football: Imagining a March Madness like bracket

March Madness is the highlight of college basketball season. Many people spend hours going through brackets and spending money hoping they will strike it big if their bracket holds up. This brings out the best of what college basketball is all about. The best 68 teams together for one goal – to win the National Title. But the beauty in all of this is the single elimination format and the chance for upsets to occur.

The question I’m getting at is, would that work for college football? Could there be a 64 team tournament in college football to decide a national champion?

How cool would that be for College Football fans to pick a bracket? Many football teams that have great or undefeated season’s don’t get the chance to play in the National Championship game because they are not in a power conference. The NCAA has five power conferences and if a certain team is not in those conferences they are looked down upon by the committee that puts the bowl games together.

As of now, there are only four teams that get a shot at the title. The committee picks these four by their power of record and other factors as they want to make sure they have the best four teams playing for the title. Let’s say that changed and they took the top 64 teams in the country or use the criteria that the committee has in place to pick those teams.

In this scenario, the teams that aren’t in power conferences would get the chance to play for it all. This would let the so-called small teams have a chance to play the power conference teams and see if they can beat them straight up on the field. Now the biggest questions are, when will it start? How will the teams be picked? I believe that it can work and I think the NCAA would make more money than they do now.

We all know that NCAA makes billions of dollars every year off of their athletes but does not pay them. It’s been talked about for a while now. When this happens, how they will make it fair for all the athletes that are a part of the NCAA? If they open up a tournament similar to March Madness for college football, it will bring them more revenue. There will be more teams and stadiums that could host these games. It will also allow the fans of these schools to see their team beyond just one bowl game. Money seems to be a big part of the NCAA.

The CFB season stretches over 12 games. When the regular season is over then the conference championship games begin.

Here is an example of how this could work. Take the top four teams and place them at the top of the bracket. Then fill out the remainder of the slots in the order of the Top 25 and go down the line until you reach the required 64. This would make the games more exciting. How many times will we get to see Alabama vs USF? We might have an upset like recently seen during March Madness.

In some cases, even the top four teams in each division of the conferences may have losing records. Would the Selection Committee want teams in the tournament with losing records or would they select only the teams with winning records? If someone who has a winning record doesn’t get in and a team with a losing record does that would be unfair. The Committee would have to have new criteria on how the teams are selected. If the NCAA does decide to go this route they would have to make sure it’s fair for all the teams. In the end, someone will end up not being happy with their school not getting in.

This is a hypothetical event, the NCAA would never do this for football. They have changed the playoff format twice already. First, it was the BCS and now it’s a playoff. Many people would say it would take too long to finish the bracket. It would also run into trying to compete with NFL schedule, which for the football fans would upset them. It would also be taking the kids out of class for a longer period, which would make it hard for them to complete their degrees. In the end, it would be cool to see something like this occur but I don’t believe it will happen.

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