Should The PGA And LPGA Limit Liquor Sales At Their Tour Events?

We all know that most sports fans like to drink at the sporting events they attend. It’s between beer and liquor depending on the person. Most sporting events make a lot of money on these sales. At NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, MLS, and NHL events, they’re tailgating before heading into the stadium.

Those fans will meet hours before the game to start their ritual in which they hope their respected team will win. These particular events are so loud that the players can’t hear the fans rowdiness. On the other hand, at PGA and LPGA events, the gallery of fans is so close to the action. Many Tour stars have now questioned whether to see if the beer and liquor sales should be limited.

Many amateur golfers will throw back a few while on the course during their round and no one has a problem with it. I have played since I was 5 and I have seen every type of golfer. Those weekend golfers as most of the drinking golfers are labeled, have never bothered me during my many rounds. I am not a Tour professional whose job and livelihood depends on how I finish.

After last week’s tour event at Bay Hill in Orlando, Florida, some Tour players said enough is enough. If certain patrons are having too much to drink on the course and causing havoc then the Tour must to step up and do something about it.

Now we know that golf fans are going to taunt players whether they are drunk or not. The Tour stars are starting to take notice of these patrons and the question now is, is it time to stop the indulgence of drinking? If they end up talking in a backswing and that shot goes wayward and it cost the pro thousands of dollars they have the right to be upset.

There have been many incidents on Tour throughout the years but recently, the top Tour players have spoken out. Rory Mcilroy and Justin Thomas have said that the Tour should look into the amount of alcohol-related items sold. They are not the only ones who have been heckled by the fans, but they are speaking out about it.

This is also happening at LPGA tour events as well. Many golf fans don’t attend these events because they find the PGA more appealing. The women on the tour also have the same issues as they are trying to make a living as well. Most male golf fans believe that they don’t belong on the course. I have never personally attended an LPGA event but I would like to in the future. The fans can be just as annoying at these events. If they are affecting the outcome of certain shots they need to be dealt with or removed from the course.

Now, the tour is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they limit alcohol sales they will limit the patrons that attend. The PGA and LPGA Tour players have both said they don’t want to scare their fans away. They also cannot control the amount of alcohol the patron has before he or she goes to the tournament.

The major reason they are complaining is that the fans are so close to the players. Of all the other sporting venues. Golf is one of the worse when it comes to heckling. We will have to wait and see what the Tours do moving forward. Will they stay pat or do they change the rules and risk losing fans?

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