What is Fortnite and why is it so popular?

What is Fortnite?

Whether you’re an avid video gamer or just a member of any type of social media platform, you probably have heard of the new popular video game “Fortnite”. Created by Epic Games, Fortnite is a free multiplayer video game. It is available on all major gaming consoles such as Xbox One and PS4. Also, it is soon to be releasing Android and iOS versions soon. Released in July of 2017, the action-packed, Battle Royale genre based game has gained millions of fans. Thus influencing many non-gamers to convert into Fortnite playing machines.

In short, Fortnite is a game where 100 players descend from the sky onto a huge battlefield. Here they fight to see which player will be the last one standing. Players gather supplies while on the battlefield to build forts and buildings. These will protect them and possibly give them the advantage over the other opponents. Although Fortnite has reached so much success and notoriety, there are games similar to it, that also came before it. Many gamers have complained that the game is just another version of PUBG, another Battle Royale genre game, just free. Whatever the opinion on Fortnite is, there’s no denying the game’s popularity and recognition.

According to pcgamesn.com after announcing its release on iOS, the game became the best-selling app in 13 countries less than 12 hours after its release. But that’s not just the best “gaming” app for iOS, but the best-selling app period.


Who’s all playing Fortnite?

So when a game is that popular, many big names and celebrities become interested in the fun as well. Twitch, a popular online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts, streamed a broadcast of music artist Drake and well-known Fortnite gamer Ninja teaming up to battle other opponents in the game. The broadcast became the most viewed Twitch stream of all time with 635,000 concurrent viewers. Celebrities like Joe Jonas, Travis Scott, NBA player Joe Hart, Roseanne Barr, Norm MacDonald and many others have all expressed their addiction to the video game.

Wanna see what all the hype is about? Well, the good news is if you have an Xbox One or a PS4, you can download the game immediately and join the battle. If you don’t have either console, you can play the game on Android or iOS. However, you will have to wait until you receive an invite to play. Whichever way you choose to play, from the sound of it, you might be in for a blast of fun.

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