Is a Black Panther sequel already in the works for Marvel?

Will a Black Panther 2 release soon?

After only being released barely over a month, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the studio is gearing up for a sequel to Black Panther. ” We have ideas and a pretty solid direction on where we want to head with the second one,” said Feige when asked about the possibility of a second installment.


 Marvel’s Black Panther hit theaters on February 16th and has so far made a historical box office run. Directed by Ryan Cooglerthe cultural film won its fifth consecutive weekend in the U.S. box office alone racking in $605 million. Currently, Black Panther’s $1.1 billion global total makes it the 14th highest grossing movie ever. Also putting it in second place after Marvel’s The Avengers on Marvel’s highest grossing movie list. Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman, also known for his role as Jackie Robinson in the 2013 biopic “42”, was asked about the success and reaction to the film’s success in an interview with The Undefeated. “Across the board, we’ve had people basically say that they love the movie and that they were touched by the movie. I knew going into it that there was a great opportunity for storytelling here, something that would be cutting-edge” said Boseman. 
Just to add more icing to the cake, the film’s soundtrack produced by Grammy award-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar has done some pretty good numbers as well. Inspired by the film, Black Panther: The Album also is the second soundtrack to notch two weeks at No. 1 in 2018. While Marvel Studios has been full of success with its superhero box office hits, Black Panther seems to be a strong favorite for avid comic book fans and millions of film lovers around the world. While fans eagerly anticipate the sequel for the popular movie, seems as if the Black Panther himself is optimistic about working on a sequel as well. When asked about the probability of a second Black Panther film’s success, Boseman responded, ” When you win a championship with a team, that makes you more ready to win another one.”
We’ll just have to wait and see if Boseman and Marvel can work some magic and create another successful and historical film.

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