Frontier: Can Lord Benton Once Again Gain Power Of Fort James?

Will Lord Benton regain control of Fort James? Captain Chesterfield banished and overthrew Benton because of his need to be the man in charge. The cunning Benton has found a way to once again gain power. Does Frontier Season 3 give us a showdown between Chesterfield and Benton?

Lord Benton wasn’t the most welcomed of prisoners on his way back to England to face trial. Knowing his situation, he organized a mutiny on the ship. Additionally, the crew came to follow Benton’s orders. Hence, this all led to them returning to Fort James to abduct Grace.

Benton knew this would attract Chesterfield. Of course, seeing as this involves Grace, Declan Harp will be part of the attack on Benton as well. We know Harp and Benton have a history together. Both would like nothing more than to see each other dead.


If Fort James is what Benton wants, he’s going to have to put up a fight to get it. Chesterfield has the bigger army and artillery to go after him. There’s also an angry Declan Harp. Although, with Benton having Grace, the two must be very cautious not to overstep their boundaries.

This situation couldn’t be better for Benton.
Chesterfield and Harp aren’t the best of companions. They absolutely despise each other. The only reason Chesterfield spared Harp’s life was that of his hearing of Grace’s capture. Now, the two bitter enemies must work together to defeat Lord Benton.

There’s going to be a struggle between Chesterfield and Harp about who controls the situation. It’s unlikely the two work together on this. This plays well into Lord Benton’s hands. Indeed, Chesterfield and Harp are both very aggressive. Neither will let the other have the upper hand. If Grace is to stay alive, they must find common ground and not let emotion get in the way.

Frontier is about to get really intriguing. In fact, the struggle between Chesterfield and Harp is going to come to a boiling point. So, will they be able to end Lord Benton? Furthermore, can Benton overcome the two and become the rightful leader of Fort James? Thus, it’s anyone’s guess who comes out on top.


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