WWE: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are having one of the best feuds in 2018

We are still a few weeks away from NXT Takeover. While most of the card has been announced, there is still one match that has yet to be announced. It was clear since he returned at NXT Takeover Philadelphia that we were heading towards a match between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Since WWE started this program, it has been one of the highlights on the show.


I credit this feud with being one of the best ones in NXT is due to the way they are booking it. On one hand, the WWE has booked Johnny Gargano into the ultimate babyface. Since this feud has begun, many are comparing Gargano to Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan. He has been compared to the former WWE champion in the sense that both superstars are very over with the WWE/NXT crowds. On the flip side, Tommaso Ciampa is getting so much heat from this feud. Thus, it is making him one of the top heels in NXT. However, he is a true heel and the WWE Universe boos him big time whenever he comes out.

The way they are selling the story, Ciampa gets so much heat. Especially since he helped Almas beat Gargano in his “last” NXT match. Gargano ended up attacking Ciampa at Wednesday’s NXT before security escorted him away. I felt WWE did a great job booking the whole segment. It showed how much Gargano has bottled up in him since his former friend turned on him. It seems that the WWE strikes gold with the former friends now turned enemies programs. Back in 2002, Triple H and Shawn Michaels went through a feud that was like that and when Sami Zayn got the call up in 2016, he and Kevin Owens had that type of feud.

Due to how packed the card is, I feel that there inevitable match at Takeover will be one of the top matches of the night. Here is a clip from there encounter tonight that shows how great this feud is :

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