NFL Rumors: Could Johnny Manziel make a return to the League?

Think back to 2014. A punk kid out of Texas A&M University declared for the NFL Draft. His name, Johnny Manziel. Many thought he was the next best thing to the QB position. Indeed, some just thought he was a show-off. Well, that kid only lasted two seasons in the NFL. However, after battling some personal issues, Manziel looks to return to the game he once was passionate about.


Reports are out that Johnny Manziel had a private workout in San Diego. On this occasion, there were 12 NFL teams in attendance. Those teams had multiple people on hand. All of which said that Manziel was impressive in his attempt to return to the game.

The receivers at the University of San Diego asked Manziel to throw at this workout. He has been working out with some of them prior to their Pro Day. So, those receivers asked if he would be their arm at the workout. Consequently, Johnny Manziel agreed knowing that it could benefit him as well.

Now, Manziel has had some struggles on and off the field in the past. Many would say that those struggles were because he was immature and did not know how to handle the limelight of the NFL. This could possibly be true. Many athletes before him have struggled in the same manner.

Johnny Manziel is set to take part in the developmental Spring League that begins on April 7. Thus, if he serious about a return to the game, he will make this opportunity count. In fact, Manziel has even said that he will take a practice squad position with no guarantees to prove that he is serious about football again.

As for the personal issues, Manziel says that his substance abuse issues are under control. Also, now that he has them under control he is rededicating himself to the game he loved so much.

In his two years with the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel started eight games. Additionally, he completed 57% of his passed for 1,675, 7 TDs, and 7 INTs.

Will we see Johnny Manziel in the NFL again? Leave a comment below.

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