New York Giants: Trading Jason Pierre-Paul means G-Men might hold on to No. 2 pick

The New York Giants sent two-time Pro Bowler Jason Pierre-Paul to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday.

The veteran defensive end recorded 68 tackles, eight sacks and two forced fumbles in 2017 as the G-Men went 3-13.

The Giants also sent pick No. 102 from this year’s draft to the Bucs; in return, they acquired picks No. 69 and 108.

Since the G-Men got another 2018 pick they might decide to hold onto the No. 2 overall pick.

Sure it’s not a bad idea to try to add as many picks as you can, but New York has the opportunity to bring in Bradley Chubb or a top-notch offensive lineman like Mick McGlinchey or Quentin Nelson.

The New York Giants have plenty of holes to fill and it’s important to bring in players of the highest quality to help speed up the rebuilding process.

This doesn’t mean they can’t go after a player that will need some time to develop, but why make the rebuild last longer than what it has to?


New York could always consider trading a couple other players to try to add to their collection of picks. Eli Apple and Janoris Jenkins come to mind.

Why should the Giants look into trading one of these players or even both to bring in more picks?

Neither player has a terribly huge contract. Apple is set to receive about $4.5 million and Jenkins is scheduled to make about $31.5 million. Teams with needs in their secondary might find these players attractive and worth a couple picks because of how small their contracts are.

Also, both cornerbacks are under contract for a couple of years. Jenkins is under contract for the next three years and Apple is under his deal for another two campaigns.

By trading both or one of these players to bring in more picks, the Giants are able to address areas of importance in this year’s draft without shipping the No. 2 pick away. Plus, New York could always draft or sign the replacements for Jenkins and Apple.

The Jason Pierre-Paul trade with Tampa Bay was an indicator that the Giants are looking to improve their roster by focusing on A) getting away from unnecessary contracts and B) emphasizing the importance of making deals to accommodate the draft in April.

As of now, the Giants look like they could find themselves in the hunt for the playoffs. However, they must solidify their receiving corps, o-line and linebacker unit.

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