WWE: Fans Deserve A Daniel Bryan/Johnny Gargano Match

The WWE Universe needs to see Daniel Bryan face off against Johnny Gargano. In what you could call the battle of the underdog, this is a dream match for some. Both have defied the odds during their WWE careers. Now, let’s see who the better man really is.

With Bryan making his return, wrestling marks have thought of the best opponents for him to face. Names like Shinsuke Nakamura, A.J. Styles, Ricochet, Samoa Joe, have all come up. Gargano might be at the top of the list for some.

On NXT, Gargano has been pegged as the underdog. This is familiar territory for Bryan, who has played the role his entire tenure in WWE. The two are some of the most over and well-respected wrestlers on the WWE roster. It doesn’t have to be for a title, just respect.

Gargano might not have any singles titles to his name, but his time in WWE is still quite young. Bryan has been a World Champ, and one of the best we’ve seen in recent years. One common belt the two share is tag team gold. Bryan won the WWE Tag Team belts with Kane. Gargano won the NXT Tag Team titles with Tommaso Ciampa.

We know the type of wrestlers Gargano and Bryan are. They leave it all on the line in the ring. The emotion that both display during a match really shows. You know you’re getting at least a 4-star performance from both. And seeing as the two are some of the best in the world, a 5-star match isn’t out of the question.


Picking a winner for this match would be near impossible. The WWE creative team would have a monumental task ahead of them. Give Bryan the win, and continue to give him the big matches. Or, let Gargano have the victory, building him in the main event scene.

WWE has big plans for Johnny Gargano. The reaction he’s gotten from the NXT crowd has been electric. If it translates to the main roster, he’s going to be pushed very hard to the top. And while I’m not saying Daniel Bryan should put over Gargano, he needs to make him look strong in a match. And by doing so, make him look like a future World Title champ.

Daniel Bryan is already an established main eventer. He’s won the World Title at WrestleMania. There’s not much Gargano can do to make him look more over with the fans than he already is. Giving the WWE Universe a match they’ll never forget is one way to make Bryan look strong. It could be viewed as a passing of the torch when it relates to being the Ultimate Underdog.

There are many other wrestlers Daniel Bryan needs to face. Johnny Gargano is one of them. Without any doubt, the two of them would put on an amazing match. Especially since both are underdogs in the eyes of the WWE Universe. Nevertheless, giving them the spotlight would give fans the chance to see one of the best matches in quite some time.

Gargano is coming to the main roster quite soon. Also, Bryan is just getting back from injury. However, it’s unlikely we see the two square off anytime soon. In fact, I’d fully expect Bryan to face the Miz at SummerSlam. In fact, Gargano might be on 205 Live. Although, at some point, the two need to cross paths. Indeed, the match would go down as one of the best in WWE history. May the best underdog win.


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