Disney California Adventure: Doctor Strange Needs To Be Featured In New Marvel Themed Land

Disney California Adventure is going to unveil a Marvel theme land in the not too distant future. They’ve teased a few of the additions on a poster which features Spider-Man in the dead center. One other superhero that was featured was Doctor Strange. If Disney does indeed decide to use this the Doctor Strange universe, this creates an opportunity for a great attraction.

If you’ve ever seen Doctor Strange, you’ll know how visually appealing that movie is. Creating a ride from that Universe would be quite remarkable. The film really sets itself up to be made into an amazing experience at a theme park.

If Disney is to do anything with Doctor Strange, it should be a trackless dark ride. Just imagine the design of an attraction like this. For starters, it needs to have projection mapping and well visually appealing sets. And combining that with a trackless system which can send you on a different ride every time.


It’s the perfect choice for a Doctor Strange ride. The portals, to be dimensioned, could be showcase here quite well. Seeing as the ride vehicles take on a mind of their own, you’ll never know what’s going to happen next. One minute you’re in New York at Avengers Tower, the next you’re in London. They could do this with the use of projection mapping, screens, and lights.

Doctor Strange might not have been Marvel’s biggest film, but it’s one of their more ambitious. He’s a character that has a lot of secrets and intrigue to him. Also, that mysterious nature really lends itself well to a theme park attraction. Given a trackless ride system, where anything is possible and can be different each time, really adds that mystery element to the land

Ever since Doctor Strange came out, I’ve been thinking of ways to get this made into a ride. However, I didn’t ever think it could actually happen. In fact, we do know Disney California Adventure will create a Spider-Man attraction. And judging by the picture, they’ll also use Black Panther And Guardians (whom they’ve already created the attractions for with Mission Breakout). Hence, the park needs to think of a way to get the world of Doctor Strange into California Adventure.

There’s going to be a lot of change coming to Disney California Adventure. We don’t know any list of new rides yet. Nevertheless, the poster gives us some clues as to what is Disney is thinking. Indeed, Doctor Strange deserves his own attraction. Whether Disney gives him one or not is the question.


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