New York Jets: Closer Look At Possible QBs with the No. 3 Pick

If you haven’t heard, The New York Jets traded up from #6 to #3 in this years NFL Draft. The trade makes sense, the quarterback-starved Jets, looking to finally find the face of the franchise since Broadway Joe. But with the first two picks potentially going quarterback as well, I’m going to show you a few names to watch out for, because they have the potential to get drafted by The New York Jets.

Josh Rosen – QB UCLA
It’s no surprise why the Jets, or any other team for that matter, like Josh Rosen. Great footwork, great arm strength, knows how to pick apart a defense. But the biggest issue is his comparison, Jay Cutler. Many scouts and analysts are comparing Josh Rosen and Jay Cutler for one main reason, love of the game. Josh Rosen is the most NFL ready quarterback available in the draft, but will the Jets call his name if he is still on the board to lead their franchise?

Sam Darnold – QB USC
Although he could potentially be off the board by the time the Jets pick, San Darnold is the definition of raw talent. Sam played exceptionally well at USC, in a pro-style offense, against nationally ranked defense among the country. But his youth and inexperience could be a downfall because he tended to get flustered and make bad decisions under pressure or crunch time. He would need a solid year to sit on the bench and learn from his mentors, but if he is available, the Jets would pick him in a heartbeat.


Josh Allen – QB Wyoming
Comparisons all over the place, from Brett Farve, Josh McCown, even to Carson Wentz. Josh Allen is looking to set his debut on his own terms. Nonetheless, with Josh Allen’s strong arm and lack of consistency, many teams fear he will turn the ball over too much. Especially within his first year. The Jets have kept their eye on Josh Allen, mainly for the love of his arm. If he is on the board, the Jets may take the risk and draft Josh Allen.

Baker Mayfield – QB Oklahoma
Possibly the most electrifying quarterback/player in the draft this year. But height and attitude are big concerns for all teams pursuing Baker. Scouts say that he has the “IT” factor, and the ability to change the momentum from the game. However, will he be able to convert to a pro-style offense to excel in today’s league?

The New York Jets will have the opportunity to draft one of the aforementioned quarterbacks listed above. The question is, who should the Jets take and why?

Who do you think the New York Jets should draft with the #3 Pick? Make sure you comment below.

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