Houston Astros: Jose Altuve’s contract is surprisingly a wise move for Stros

On Monday, the Houston Astros signed Jose Altuve to a five-year, $151 million extension.

Normally, contracts as big as Altuve’s would worry most people. However, this deal is surprisingly wise for the defending World Series champs.

A) The Stros extended Altuve’s contract through his age-34 season. Therefore, Altuve should continue to play great baseball and help Houston compete for future championships without too much trouble. Furthermore, the fact that the Houston Astros locked up Altuve at the age of 27 is one of the best choices an organization can make. Indeed, developing young talent and keeping them around for a lengthy period of time is vital to a club’s success.

B) The Stros needed to lock up some core players that made them the elite team they are today. Dallas Kuechel will be a free agent after the 2018 season. New Stros’ pitcher Gerrit Cole is scheduled to hit the free agency pool in 2020; In 2021 George Springer is set to hit the open market. Different complementary players are also going to be available in the open market including Josh Reddick, Ken Giles, Evan Gattis and Charlie Morton.


Altuve isn’t an average second baseman. He doesn’t just get singles. In fact, he has power, collects doubles, and his batting average is one of the best in the game.

In 2017, the three-time batting champion hit .346 with 32 stolen bases and an OBP of .410. He also racked up 81 RBIs and 24 homers.

The MVP has 200 or more hits in each of the last four seasons and he’s never struck out more than 85 times in a season.

Altuve is arguably the best player in baseball right now. How many players can hit, get on base and steal bases the way that he can?

The way Jose Altuve is able to do different things throughout a season is incredible. He puts the ball in play and finds a method that makes him a force in any circumstance.

Plus, he has become a leader for the Houston Astros. His presence could lead the Stros to another victory parade sometime soon.

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