Future Man: Could Tiger And Wolf Be Seeking The Help Of Josh Again?

Is this the end for Tiger and Wolf’s team-up with Josh? Future Man left us with a very vague ending. We know Josh is doing time in an asylum for his actions, and we see a possible reappearance of Tiger and Wolf at the end of the season. This all makes it seem like the story is far from over.

Tiger and Wolf went back to the future without any sign of Kornish Labs. That was their goal at the onset of the mission with Josh. Over time, the trio became very close. Josh even sacrificed himself to complete the mission of killing Kornish. He did just that, and now we wonder what happens next?

As we see during the final scene of Future Man, the possible return of Tiger and Wolf has been teased. Do the two return to start another mission with Josh, or has the Kornish issue not been resolved? And why did they choose to wait a year to seek him out? That’s a question we’ll have to wait until season 2 for. Still, speculation is half the fun.

Detective Skarsgaard has been on the trail of Tiger, Wolf, and Josh ever since Tiger killed his partner, Santiago. He’s caught Josh but failed to get Tiger or Wolf. It’s interesting that he’s the one to visit him at the jail, and then as soon as Josh makes it back to his cell, we see someone jumping through time.


Perhaps Skarsgaard is a bigger factor in the overall story of Future Man. We know he’s still out for revenge, even if he’s gotten Josh put in jail. Does his existence have an effect on the future? It’s the only logical explanation as to why Tiger and Wolf would come back from the future to get in contact with Josh at that moment.

Who can tell for sure what the long-term effects are with this Kornish debacle? We’ve already seen numerous alternative timelines and realities, so perhaps the future that Tiger and Wolf are in isn’t what they’d thought it would be. There’s got to be something that brings them back.

Perhaps it’s not even Tiger or Wolf who have jumped. This could very well be someone or something different. There could be a Biotic that appears and takes Josh. It’s also a possibility that Tiger and Wolf aren’t the good guys. What if whatever is coming through that portal is something or something we’ve not seen? They are there to help Josh escape and undo the things from his past.

So many different possibilities here as to who could be on the end of the time portal. And even if it’s not Wolf or Tiger, we’ve not seen the last of them by any means. They will be back and whatever they are planning will impact Josh in some way. Who knows if their trio will still be a thing in season 2. All we know is that this is only the beginning for Josh and his conquests on Future Man.

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