Alliance of American Football launches February 2019

Back in January, we heard, from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, that he would resurrect the XFL beginning in 2020. Today football fans were privy to some new news. The Alliance of American Football will kick off its debut season in February of 2019. The exact date is February 9, 2019. One week after the Super Bowl. The league will offer direct competition to the XFL.

The new AAF is the creation of Charlie Ebersol. If that name sounds familiar, it should. Charlie’s father, Dick Ebersol was a catalyst in the first attempt of the XFL. Along with Ebersol, former Indianapolis Colts GM Bill Polian backs the Alliance of American Football. Several retired players are supporting the new adventure too. They include Justin Tuck, Hines Ward, and Troy Polamalu among others.

Unlike other spring leagues before this, the AAF has funding from some big-time investors and for quite some time. The Chernin Group and Founders Fund have financially backed this new league. They along with M Ventures and former NFL great Jared Allen are also to fund the league.

“All of these previous attempts have been based on the idea of a one or two-year business model. I went out and said, ‘Look, I need money for seven-to-10 years.’ They were the type of people that jumped on board.” Ebersol said.

One of the most important things for a new league in today’s market is a television deal. The AAF has secured that as well. CBSSports will televise one game per week. Opening week and the championship game will be on the broadcast network of CBS.

The league will consist of eight teams that each have 50-man rosters. The AAF will announce those eight markets in the coming weeks to months.

There are many rules differences to the NFL as well. The Alliance of American Football will not use kickoffs. Thus, teams will begin their possession at their 25-yard line. In addition, there will be no extra point attempts. Hence, all teams must go for a two-point conversion. In loo of the onside kick, teams that are trailing will have one attempt from their 35-yard line to gain 10-yards. Furthermore, there will be faster play clocks and fewer commercials to engage fans more.

The Alliance of American Football will have a focus on the players. In fact, the league will give them bonuses based on wins/losses, stats, and fan engagement. There will also post-career scholarships and financial wellness programs.

Unlike many of the league before it, the Alliance of American Football has a good model. Whether it sees success remains unclear. It begins in less than a year.

How do you think the AAF will fair? Leave a comment below.

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