UFC 225: CM Punk Needs To Win Or He’s Destined For Pro Wrestling Once Again

CM Punk needs to win his fight at UFC 225. He’s going to go in as the underdog, but when all is said and done he might come out victorious. This is the biggest matchup of his life. A loss will surely send him back to professional wrestling. Is that the worst thing that could happen to him?

We’ve seen CM Punk win titles in WWE. He called himself, “Best in the World” for a reason. Nobody had the popularity and respect from the fans like he did. Now, he’s trying to earn respect in the UFC. That’s something which he’ll need to gain at UFC 225.

If Punk loses in Chicago his career as a mixed martial artist could be over. He’d be dead in the water in UFC. Of course, there’s always a promotion like Bellator who’d take him, seeing as he’s still a draw, but his run with the top promotion in the world is done.

Losing at UFC 225 might be the best thing for Punk. Whether it be WWE or ROH, he was always a star. In UFC he’s just a sideshow act. Punk is there to sell tickets, not to fight. Dana White sees the dollar signs in him, that’s why he gave Punk a second fight.

At least in WWE and ROH, Punk was a main attraction. The headliner and as many would agree, the one you paid to see. Going back to pro wrestling puts him back in the spotlight again. Who cares if he didn’t succeed in UFC? Many pro wrestlers haven’t gotten near as far.


If Punk does lose his next fight and goes back to pro wrestling, he’ll get a lot more eyeballs on him. It’s like Brock Lesnar, who became a megastar in WWE after his return to the company. And while Lesnar was UFC heavyweight champ during his hiatus from WWE, Punk still gained a following during his time away.

Punk returning is exactly what WWE or Ring of Honor wants. They’d love to have him back. While there was some drama in WWE, he’d still go back if the money was right. In fact, with UFC not paying the bills, he’d be stupid not to try to reconcile with management and earn a new part or full-time contract. Thus, the same can be said for ROH.

There’s a side to every MMA fan that wants CM Punk to win. Some may not admit it, but there is. Furthermore, in a time where UFC is hurting for stars, he’s exactly what they need. Punk won’t go winning titles anytime soon, but as long as he’s fighting that’s going to equate to buys.

If the UFC doesn’t work out for Punk, he’s probably going back to pro wrestling. That’s not a bad thing. He’d still get the same reaction, if not better than he did before he left. Indeed, there’s going to be fans that buy his merchandise. Most of all, he becomes the headliner once again. That’s exactly what he wants.


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