Love, Simon: Three Takeaways From The Film

Love, Simon was a classic coming of age tale. It’s about Simon, a high school senior with a huge secret. He’s gay. The film is so complete. The message it sends, the acting, script, storytelling, everything is just so well done. Here are the three main takeaways from Love, Simon.

1. Nick Robinson

Simon, played by Nick Robinson (Jurassic World), was the highlight of this film. Of course, seeing as he’s the main character you’d expect him to be the star. There was just something special about Robinson’s portrayal of Simon. You’re immediately drawn into his struggle of keeping this secret.

Robinson’s definitely got a bright future ahead of him. If this film is any indication, he’s going to be a major force on the Hollywood scene.

2. Emotion
Not sure if you can watch Love, Simon without crying. There are a few moments in this film (especially around the third act) where you really start to get emotional. There’s a scene with Simon’s dad (Josh Duhamel) that will absolutely wreck you inside. In addition, the second to last scene of the movie (which I won’t give away) hits you just about everywhere.


Being on the verge of tears because you’re so happy isn’t the only kind of emotion you’ll feel in this film. Hence, there are numerous moments where you’ll laugh and cheer. Point is if this movie doesn’t hit you in some way you’re just not human.

3. Script
This is the best part of the film by far. Based on the book by Becky Albertalli, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, the screen version was brought together amazingly. Thus, the writers filled the entire movie with great dialogue, gripping story, and great teases about who the secret lover of Simon truly was.

Overall, Love, Simon was a film that shouldn’t be forgotten about anytime soon. The message it sends about embracing who you are despite what others may think is perfect for today’s day and age. Throw in the amazing acting from the cast, especially Nick Robinson, who should use this as a launching pad for his career.

Indeed, Love, Simon is a great film. Head out to the theaters and watch this. In fact, For the almost 2-hour runtime, the story will engage you.

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