Universal Studios Orlando: Retro Is Indeed Making A Comeback

A retro-themed land at Universal Studios Orlando would fit in quite nicely. Fans of classic Universal attractions have missed their old school rides. It’s time Universal bring them all back. Rumors have spread about this actually happening, and it’s a great idea if it actually does.

With attractions centered around Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Jaws, Kong, there is a slew of retro ideas Universal Orlando could add to a new land. With Toon Lagoon supposedly being the one to get the change, the space for the new land is there at Islands of Adventure.

This change doesn’t have to be all the same rides that the park featured when it opened. You can just do an attraction centered around a classic ride. For instance, a Jaws-themed attraction could go in place of Popeye. The giant amphitheater that sits at the entrance to Toon Lagoon could be used for another retro ride, perhaps Back to the Future?

Let’s just not assume Universal is set on putting a retro-themed land at their current park. While Toon Lagoon is in need of some serious TLC and care, there’s also the third gate to worry about. With all the new land Universal has bought, their needs to be some sort of theming for the newest investment.

A third park would not only incorporate the retro rides, but specific lands to go along with them. Sticking with Back to The Future, you could design a futuristic Hill Valley like the one seen in Back to the Future 2. There are many other Universal properties that would fit in well with a themed section of the park, as well as original ride ideas.

The hard sell is going to get the public on board with the retro idea. With Disney right around the corner, Universal Studios Orlando will continue to go after the family market. Considering retro themeing isn’t going to bring kids and families through the gate, it’s a big risk. But one that they should consider.

More and more young adults and adults are visiting theme parks. With events like Mardi Gras at Universal, Food, and Wine at Epcot, and other various adult-oriented concepts popping up at parks, do we really need to focus all on the families? Shouldn’t the non-children have a park that can be for them?

That’s not to say kids can’t go to a retro third gate. After all, they’ll watch these Universal films at some point. Doesn’t matter whether they go at a young age and watch the classic films after a visit to the park, or go after watching these older movies.

A retro theme park or re-themed land would be a different kind of experience for Universal Studios Orlando. It can take over Toon Lagoon, become a third gate, or even just be a single ride. The point is this gives old-school Universal enthusiasts something to cherish and bring back that nostalgic feeling. And that’s exactly the kind of emotion you want from a theme park.

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