WWE: War Machine should gun right for the NXT Tag Titles

War Machine finally made their NXT debut. At an NXT house show last night, the duo came out and cut your generic promo. They came out and put the division on notice. Now that they have finally debuted, things could get interesting for NXT. Unfortunately, there are no more tapings for NXT before Takeover New Orleans. However, I have a theory that the WWE could do with War Machine.


At Takeover, the tag team title match will be Authors of Pain, Undisputed Era, and the team of Rodrick Strong and Pete Dunne will compete. Being that Bobby Fish is out of action and the team will be Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly, I fully suspect that the WWE will have them drop the belts. I can’t see Strong and Dunne winning the belt because I see Strong being pushed for the 205 live division and probably won’t be on NXT after WrestleMania. I see Authors of Pain winning the belt and getting a surprise attack by War Machine. It’s been rumored for some time that War Machine and Authors of Pain would clash before they head to the main roster.

You begin the feud at the next set of tapings. This leads to a clash between the two teams at NXT Takeover Chicago where War Machine wins the belt. By doing this, you can then have Authors of Pain get the call up to the main roster. By having AOP stay down in NXT for two months after Takeover, it will help the division greatly. In addition, they give some credibility to War Machine. I wouldn’t have it be a long feud because most of the subscribers to the WWE Network are hardcore fans and most of them know of War Machine.

Let us know in the comments below if you would like War Machine to get the straps within a few months of being on NXT TV.



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