New York Jets Are Big Losers In Trade For No. 3 Pick In 2018 NFL Draft

The New York Jets have recently exchanged picks with the Indianapolis Colts. The Jets traded for the third pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and forfeited the sixth, thirty-seventh, and forty-ninth pick, along with a 2019 second-round draft pick. The New York Jets are looking to make a major move at quarterback but gave up too much in the process.

The Jets trading up makes sense, putting pressure on the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants on what they will do with the first two picks. Especially the Browns, since they have two of the first four picks in this year’s draft. The Browns had the safety blanket of potentially taking a quarterback they wanted with the fourth pick. But now, the Jets swooped in and possibly changed their plans. While the trade for the New York Jets makes sense, due to their need of a quarterback for the future, however, moving up three spots and giving away three second-round draft picks is highway robbery.

The New York Jets were oddly finessed in this trade, just a few days after Josh Rosen and Baker Mayfield’s Pro Days. But even though the Jets moved up three spots with the mindset of drafting a quarterback, if “the guy” they want is not there at the third pick, the trade will be a bust.

For all of us Jets fans, we really hope you get this right because you were just swindled out of drafting in the entire second round. But, the Jets’ front office must have seen a prospect who really intrigues the coaching staff along with the front office enough to give up a multitude of picks. If the Jets draft a stud, this trade will be forgotten. But if they draft a dud, this trade will be remembered throughout history for the Jets.

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