Cedar Point: Augmented Reality Is An Experience Every Cedar Fair Park Should Have

With augmented reality making its mark at Cedar Point and Kings Dominion, at what point does Cedar Fair bring the popular battle game to other parks in the chain?

Already one of Cedar Fair’s more popular parks, Kings Island has yet to receive the popular Battle series of its sister parks. There is a lot of opportunity in that park for this experience.

With some of the most well-themed coasters in the Cedar Fair chain, Kings Island would thrive with the augmented reality. They’ve already got numerous coasters clans and themed mascots for each coaster.

Take Mystic Timbers for example. You’ve got the giant angry tree, which could serve as the face of the ride. What about Banshee, whose likeness is right on the coasters entrance sign. Diamondback, where a massive snake could serve as the icon for the hyper coaster.

The coasters partaking in the Battle for Kings Island should be as follows, Diamondback, Mystic Timbers, The Beast, Banshee, and Firehawk. Those are the five most popular coasters in the park(Excluding Flight of Fear, which is featured at Kings Dominion.). This would make for some very interesting designs.

Why stop at just Kings Island? Cedar Fair should extend the game to all of its parks. Carowinds, where guests can battle with Fury, Intimidator, Nighthawk, and Dueling Cobras. Or Canada’s Wonderland, as Behemoth and Leviathan take over the park.

Cedar Fair really hit the ground running with this project. Introducing it to all of their parks could open up a lot of possibilities. If you’re visiting multiple Cedar Fair parks, you could interact with two or three different coasters. That’s probably the end game for Cedar Fair.

There are so many opportunities for games specified for each coaster. Like Cedar Fair and Kings Dominion, each coaster has its own set of mini-games. While it’s a unique experience for each. Think about how cool it would be to play as Fury with the giant Hornet. Or even, a Banshee game which could be something completely original.

Cedar Fair needs to get the ball rolling at its parks. Augmented reality will be the future of the overall park experience. They’ve still got fine tuning to do, but it needs to be brought to the other parks. There’s a lot of possibilities here. This is the future, so get on board.

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