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NFL Free Agency 2018: Five losers from the frenzy

Now that the frenzy of NFL Free Agency has slowed down, we need to look at how teams have done. Can a team really say they won or lost with the moves that they have made? We have already looked at some of the winners from the initial frenzy. How it is time to look at some of the team on the other side of the album. Who did not come out so good after the day one frenzy?

  1. Washington Redskins

The Redskins signed one player on day one. However, they lost CB Bashaud Breeland, DE Trent Murphy, WR Ryan Grant, and C Spencer Long. Granted WR Paul Richardson is an area of need for the team. However, this is a team that needs more than just a WR to improve. While they certainly made attempts, they failed.

  1. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys did not make a single move on Wednesday. This is two-fold. 1. They feel they may not need to improve their team outside their own free agents. 2. They do not have the money to spend.  After 2017 rollover and league increase, the Cowboys only have $8 million in cap space. Not a lot of room when it comes to improving your team.

  1. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals needed a quarterback. However, I feel the one they signed was the wrong one. Why did they give so much money to a player that cannot stay healthy? Thus, Sam Bradford needs to prove he can stay healthy. I think the Cardinals would have been better off with AJ McCarron.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

How are the Steelers losers in this? Well, they have yet to reach a long-term deal with Le’Veon Bell. Also, they lost or did not re-sign multiple players. In fact, Chris Hubbard, William Gay, and Mike Mitchell are just a few that are not returning. The Steelers are another team that is in a salary cap mess. Thus, the main reason they cannot get Bell extended.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

I understand that a players time in certain cities is sometimes warranted. However, when it comes down to money that makes it even harder. The Seahawks cut ties with Richard Sherman and Jimmy Graham. They also lost speedy receiver Paul Richardson. Also, couple this with the lack of a running game and no signings, it could be a rough year for the Seahawks.

These teams struggled on day one of NFL Free Agency. While they may have made a move or two, those moves were not enough to improve their standing. If they do not fix this, it could be a long season(s) for these teams.

How do you feel about the lack of free agency moves by these teams? Leave a comment below.

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