Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousins

Minnesota Vikings: Kirk Cousins may have been the wrong choice

The biggest free agent signing of this young offseason is QB Kirk Cousins. On Thursday he signed a 3yr deal worth $84 million fully guaranteed. He can add an additional $6 million to that in incentives. Thus, making the grand total of the contract worth $90 million. Cousins has become the highest paid player in NFL history with this contract. However, was it the right thing to do for the Minnesota Vikings?

Kirk Cousins may have the stats to call for a big deal but does he have the balls. He has a career record of 26-30-1. Additionally, Cousins has never won a playoff game. Furthermore, he has never won a big game in his career. The opportunities have been there too.

Back in 2016, the Washington Redskins had the opportunity to make the playoffs with a win in the final game against the New York Giants. This is just one example when Cousins couldn’t get it done. In fact, he struggles against top competition. He compiled a losing record against teams with a winning record (4-19).

On the other hand, he dominates losers. He is 19-9-1 against teams with a losing record. So this begs the question, why would a team be so quick to sign Kirk Cousins. Especially a team that had just come off of the NFC Championship Game. They could have easily signed Case Keenum to an extension. He would have come cheaper and they could have allocated more money to re-sign some of their other free agents.

Many point to the playoffs as the reason that Keenum was not given another chance. Outside of the Minneapolis Miracle, he did not play his best ball. Some of the best QBs have not had their best outings in the playoffs. However, Keenum has a career winning record. That has to amount to something.

Why were the Minnesota Vikings so quick to give up on Teddy Bridgewater? He has a career winning record (17-11) and has been to the playoffs. This is the guy that your franchise drafted to be the franchise QB. Yes, he suffered a fluke injury. Is that really a reason to run him out-of-town for what Mr. Big Bucks. Bridgewater again would have come cheaper than Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings could have focused money elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a Cousins fan while he was with the Redskins. The kid can play. However, he often frustrated me with his lack of cojones. In the end, I was beginning to sour on spending the big money.

So while Kirk Cousins has over 16,000 passing yards, 99 TDs, and 55 INTs he is missing something to warrant big money. Maybe 2018 will see him win a few big games and his balls drop. Nonetheless, until that happens, the Minnesota Vikings may have overpaid for mediocrity.

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