Dollywood: Mystery Mine Is An Experience Coaster That You Must Do At The Park

Mystery Mine at Dollywood is quite the experience. It’s such a great coaster, that, while has faults, still delivers. In my opinion, it’s the second best coaster at Dollywood behind Lighting Rod. What makes Mystery Mine so great?

A Gerstlaurer Euro-fighter, Mystery Mine is one of the best-themed coasters you’ll find. From the queue line to the load station, it’s made to simulate a mine. The atmosphere of the pre-coaster journey is so nice. You really get caught up in everything.

The ride itself is quite superb. In typical Euro-Fighter fashion, you’re seated in an 8 person train, 4 riders in 2 rows each. The restraints can be a tad restrictive, but that’s just something that comes with the territory. The cars themselves look like mine trains, a nice touch by Dollywood.

Mystery Mine is part indoor and part outdoor. Most of the coaster takes place outdoor, while the small dark ride elements take place indoors. There’s a lot going on for the indoor sections, mostly just some effects on the screen. There is fire and props, that made for a really cool moment.

As for the coaster, it’s really a tale of two different rides. The first outdoor coaster portion is quite lackluster and boring. You’re not going to be satisfied at all if that’s the only real coaster you get. It’s not until after the second vertical lift hill that you’re getting a really intense experience.


Mystery Mine features a few signature elements. You’ve got a heartline roll, dive loop, two vertical lift hills, and screens on the actual dark ride portion of the coaster. It’s truly a unique coaster that not many other parks have done, especially when it comes to Euro-Fighters.

If there’s one criticism of Mystery Mine it’s that it can be a tad rough. The restraints don’t leave much for you to move or sit comfortably. It can be especially turbulent on the track after the second lift hill. That’s almost all Euro-Fighters though, as there will be some rough sections.

And, while this isn’t a direct criticism, the second half of Mystery Mine is so much better than the first. That’s something Dollywood should have considered when building this coaster. It does feel like two different coasters. The second half is the much more intense portion of that ride.

There are some great coasters at Dollywood. In fact, Mystery Mine should rank high on guests list every time they come to the park. Thus, if you enjoy greatly themed coasters and thrill rides, Mystery Mine is for you. Try and ignore the restraint issues and rough nature of the ride. Also, be ready for the coasters second half, it’s going to catch off guard.

Take a trip to Dollywood and ride Mystery Mine. It’s a great coaster that will really blow you away.


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