Cleveland Browns: Has The Plan Always Been Nick Foles In 2019?

The Cleveland Browns have decided that Tyrod Taylor will be their starting quarterback to begin the 2018 NFL season according to Bleacher Report. Hue Jackson is making the right move in more ways than one. With the No. 1 and No. 4 picks in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Browns can now focus on Saquon Barkley and a stud defensive player with those two picks. In the second round, they may want to draft a quarterback, however, the endgame might be Nick Foles in 2019.

If Taylor struggles in his first year with the Browns, all is not lost. The best part about the trade was the fact that Taylor will be a free agent in 2019. Let’s be honest here, the Browns have won one game in two seasons so the expectations for them this year should not be over seven games. It will take time to build chemistry with a roster of new players. Even with that said, Taylor’s performance and leadership will be under a microscope whether he or Hue Jackson wants to admit it.

The 2019 Free Agent class of quarterbacks is thin at best with Foles being the top dawg.

Last season, Foles signed a two-year deal to be the backup to Carson Wentz in Philly but after Wentz went down, Foles proved that anything is possible on his way to Super Bowl LII MVP. Now, with the uncertainty of Wentz’s injury, the Eagles will keep Foles for the 2018 season but after that, he’s fair game. This may be what the Cleveland Browns are waiting for.

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How many times have they tried to draft a future face of the franchise and failed? There was the Brock Osweiler, Cody Kessler, Johnny Manziel, and Kizer experiment but neither of these guys has Foles’ resume. The Browns have given Taylor more weapons than he has ever had in his career with Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson, Jarvis Landry, and Josh Gordon. There’s no reason he shouldn’t succeed. But if he doesn’t, Foles should be the Browns’ starting quarterback in 2019.

Is Nick Foles The Answer For the Browns?

There was speculation early in the offseason that the Browns may offer a few picks for Foles but instead they decided to go with Taylor. Smart move for the Cleveland Browns. Taylor is a great one-year rental and if all goes wrong, how much worse can it be than 0-16?

There was no need for the Cleveland Browns to give up their precious picks when this will be a season where they begin to build their foundation. The smart play was to have players like Barkley (if drafted), Landry and Gordon learn one another and let this young stout defense get another year under their belt before Foles comes in to save the day.

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