Austin Aries Has Capitalaized On His Post-WWE Success.

Austin Aries has had quite the success since leaving WWE. While he never won Cruiserweight gold, the former 205 Live star has collected belts from promotions such as Defiant and Impact Wrestling. His dominance is now coming to Ring of Honor. Does the capturing of the ROH TV title cement his legacy?

We know Aries has been a staple of ROH for quite some time. He’s been a part of TNA (Impact Wrestling) in its glory days. There have been titles won. Still, nothing compares to the streak he’s on now. A lot say it’s a way to get back at Vince McMahon and the WWE for improper booking. And that’s probably the truth.

It goes without saying that WWE booked Aries horribly. He should have been the Cruiserweight Champ on numerous occasions. He’s now one of the biggest draws in wrestling. That’s typically how the WWE has worked. They don’t know how to book great talent.

Capturing the TV title would only add to his legacy. There are many that love Austin Aries. His claim to be “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” has some truth to it. Ring of Honor is where he made a name for himself. It would really be an amazing moment to see him capture the TV title.


Here’s the one thing with Aries. Is it possible we are getting too much of him at once? Don’t get me wrong, he’s an amazing and gifted wrestler, but it feels like all of these belts and exposure might lead to fans turning on him at some point. While I hope that doesn’t happen, he’s still collecting titles at an alarming rate.

Let’s assume Austin Aries doesn’t become stale. Fans love this gimmick, Mic skills, wrestling ability, and charisma, he’s the best and most popular wrestler aside from Cody and Omega outside of WWE. Does Aries have the staying power? How much longer can this man of champions thing last? At some point, it’s all going to end.

Many believe Aries has doesn’t have a lot of time left as a true main eventer. He’s almost 40 and has been wrestling for nearly 20 years. This might be his last dance, especially as the top guy of a promotion. I hope that’s not the case, but it very well could be true.

Even in WWE, at the age of 38, Aries was a main event like talent. You could make the case he was the best wrestler on NXT and 205 Live. This is why his booking on the indie scene has been so perfect.

Promotions see him as a draw, and that’s something WWE helped him do. It showcased Aries to more casual fans. And if this is indeed his last real push as a singles star, then it’s going to be worth it. Still, it’s hard to count out Aries as a title holder. Christopher Daniels just won gold, he’s over 40.

There are promotions that will push talent regardless of age. Who knows if that’s what WWE thought when they booked Aries the way they did. Ring of Honor is the perfect place to land for Aries. While he’s got commitments to other wrestling promotions, he’s the most at home in ROH. They aren’t afraid to push talent past 40 years old.

While Defiant, Impact, Major League Wrestling, among others, have proven Aries is still worthy of the main event, there’s going to be a downfall at some point. Grabbing all these titles now is good for his legacy. Who knows how much longer that will keep up? But as he’s doing, you need to strike while the iron is hot. Austin Aries is indeed hot right now. And he’s got Vince McMahon to thank for that.


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