Kings Island: Experience A Thrilling Ride On Firehawk

Vekoma has a history of rough, rigorous, and uncomfortable rides. Usually, it’s their SLC coasters that cause the most pain. Sometimes the flying coasters can be just as brutal. However, Firehawk at Kings Island wasn’t as bad as most Vekoma coasters.

I’ve done one flying coaster leading up to Firehawk (Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great America). I’ll be completely honest, I actually preferred Firehawk more. Yes, a Vekoma flying coaster was better than a B&M model. I’m sure I’ll be in the minority with this. Firehawk was just a better coaster.

Superman Ultimate Flight might be the more intense ride due to its pretzel loop. Yet, I just enjoyed Firehawk more. It’s possible because it’s not as intense that I liked it much more. I was able to enjoy Firehawk more than Superman. Although you can’t really compare the two, being they are from different manufacturers.

While I knew Firehawk was a Vekoma coaster going into the ride, I wasn’t too worried about the potential roughness of the ride. I didn’t feel any head banging on the coaster at all. My only complaint with the coaster is the position you’re seated while in the station, lift hill, and platform at the end of the ride. On the ride itself, the concept works, just not anywhere else.


I did like the “Lie to Fly” and “Fly to Lie” elements of Firehawk. It added a lot to the overall coasters experience. The one thing I did miss with this coaster was a pretzel loop. It’s a staple on most flying coasters. I’ll say that the vertical loop was extremely intense, putting out 4.3 G’s.

After riding Firehawk I’m quite interested in getting on a few more Vekoma Flying Dutchman coasters. I know Nighthawk at Carowinds is just as good. I skipped it on my most recent trip to Carowinds due to constant downtime. Hopefully, it’s open more consistently the next time I go to the park.

Firehawk wasn’t a bad coaster. It might not be as smooth as Superman Ultimate Flight, but I feel it’s a little more intense. Considering the ride was originally at the defunct Geauga Lake, it’s held up quite well.

If you’re going to Kings Island make sure to hit this coaster. Be aware though, the lines can get long for this coaster. I was lucky enough to go very early in the morning and get on instantly. Although, I can safely say I’d wait in a bigger queue to ride this again.


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