Kansas City Chiefs: Travis Kelce could have 100+ Receptions in 2018

The Kansas City Chiefs made two big splashes before free agency even started. First, they trade their starting QB, Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins. Then, the next move they made was to ship star CB Marcus Peters to the Los Angeles Rams. However, the Chiefs were not done there. On the opening day of free agency, they landed WR Sammy Watkins with a 3yr deal. Teaming him with Tyreek Hill gives the young QB, Patrick Mahomes some speed on the outside. Nonetheless, there is one person that may benefit more than Mahomes. That is TE Travis Kelce. Kelce could see an increase in receptions due to the speed on the outside.

Travis Kelce is a versatile TE. He can play on the line, in the slot, and even split out wide. Furthermore, he is an excellent blocking TE. With Alex Smith as his QB over the last two seasons, Kelce has seen an extraordinary amount of targets. In 2016, Kelce was the target 117 times. Again in 2017, Smith targeted his big TE 122 times.

With the new addition to the offense, to go along with the current firepower, the Kansas City Chiefs look to stretch the field. This plays right into the hands of Travis Kelce – no pun intended. Kelce will be able to work underneath against linebackers. This is a complete mismatch that works in Andy Reid’s favor.

While Kelce has been targeted well into the 100s over the past two seasons, his receptions have also been high. He has 85 and 83 receptions over the past two seasons. Allowing him to work over the middle and create the said mismatches could result in higher output. In fact, it would not surprise me to see Travis Kelce grab 100+ passes in 2018. Hence, he is that good.

Indeed the opposition is going to stack the box on Kareem Hunt in 2018. Thus, forcing Patrick Mahomes to show whether or not the Kansas City Chiefs made the right move at QB. If Mahomes is smart he will not force the issue and use his 6’5” security blanket in Travis Kelce.

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