What channel is truTV: Comcast, Fios, DirecTV, Spectrum?

Remember the comedy channel truTV? Well, for sports fans it’s relevant again. March Madness is back and college basketball fans are happy. It will be an unproductive work week especially during the marathon of college basketball games on Thursday and Friday. However, some fans will be confused where some of the games are played as truTV is used for the First Four and Round of 64 games.

While truTV has some great programming throughout the year, many sports fans don’t know how to find it on their televisions. It’s not usually in their favorites and this is one of the few times a year truTV is used for sports programming. Yet, sports fans should be prepared for many ads about regular truTV programming and the channel raising awareness about itself on Twitter and other social media platforms.

truTV starting airing NCAA Tournament games when the NCAA and Turner Sports wised up and decided to air all the games nationally. Previously, fans only saw regional games and for an event like March Madness that didn’t make much sense. It’s one of the few moves college sports fans don’t disagree with the NCAA about.

Nonetheless, there were two solid First Four games on Tuesday and there are two more on Wednesday. Two teams, Syracuse and Arizona St., from more popular conferences, are in action. Yet, both teams need to be careful how they play in their respective games, or else they could both be headed up like UCLA.

If you can’t find where truTV is located on your cable provider, then look at the handy list below. It’s broken down by each major cable or satellite provider, and some companies don’t have a set channel number for each network. In this situation, you can search by zip code to find your specific area.

DirecTV: Channel 246

Dish Network: Channel 242, 9430 for HD

Spectrum: Area code search

Xfinity: Area code search

Verizon FiOS: 183, 683 for HD

AT&T/U-verse: Area code search

Cox Communications: Area code search

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