Sticks of Fire: The Heart of Tampa Bay Lightning Fans

There are many Tampa Bay Lightning fans that flock to Amalie Arena to watch the games. However, no one is more known than the Sticks of Fire. These individuals bring the passion of what being a Lightning fan is all about. They have been featured on TV and Radio ads for the Tampa Bay Lightning. The best part about the group is they are made up of men and women. The group is very approachable. Which makes it friendly for when you see them. They are always up for pictures as well. In my opinion, they are the heart of the Lightning fans.

The Sticks of Fire began their game at Hattricks, a local bar near Amelie Arena. They always meet there before the games before starting their convoy of cheers. Then they walk towards the arena cheering all the way to the steps that lead up to the entrance. They take their seats in section 307 and trust me you know when they are there. This group does not miss a single game and it’s so cool to hear them when you are at a game. No matter where you sit in the arena you can hear them. No matter if we are having a good or bad game.


Some of their best cheers focus on the Lightning as a team, an opposing player or team, and the officials. One of my favorites is the cheer that ends with “I believe that we will win”. Many sports fans do not know that cheer originates from soccer or football fans depending on where you are from. If a particular player played for the Lightning and now plays for another team they will cheer against him.

For example, Jonathan Drouin now plays for the Montreal Canadians received the heckling this past Saturday. At the end of last season, a deal was made between the Lightning and Canadians. The Light acquires rookie defenseman Mikhail Sergachev in exchange for Drouin. Most fans and my opinion the Lightning got the better end of the deal. The cheer that rained down for the 3rd level of Amelia Arena was “Drouin you still suck”. The other cheer was “Thanks for Sergachev”.

I got the chance to sit just a few rows behind them during last Saturday game. It was a great experience though I have been in other sections waiting to hear them cheer. They, in fact, have their own social media page. You can join the Sticks of Fire for a small fee. They will also seek fans out giving them high fives or whistling at them if they are in other sections. They are a very tight-knit group with one thing in mind having fun and cheering for the best team in hockey the Tampa Bay Lightning.

If you get a chance to attend a Lightning game in the future just listen for their most famous cheer. The one that goes like this “I” “I believe” I believe that we” “I believe that we will win” “I believe that we will win”. Its so much fun to hear the heart of the Lightning fans they’re cheering on with you to bring the house down and cheer for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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