NXT: Tommaso Ciampa Shouldn’t Be Taken Lighlty By The WWE Universe

Tommaso Ciampa is the psycho killer. He’s gone from loved DIY partner of Johnny Gargano to most hated man in NXT. That’s a testament to how good he’s been in and out of the ring. We know him and Gargano will be fighting at NXT Takeover New Orleans the Saturday before WWE showcases WrestleMania 34. Is Ciampa the one that fans should take the most interest in?

Gargano is the darling of NXT. There’s nobody in the promotion that can match his popularity. In fact, he’s probably more over within NXT history than anyone not named Finn Balor. Gargano is the ultimate underdog. Ciampa is the one that crushes him. As a result, the fans hate his guts.

We all know Ciampa is playing a role. He’s still probably one of the most respected wrestlers in NXT among the WWE Universe. He plays a fantastic heel. It’s almost like watching perfection in action. Half the NXT locker room couldn’t hold a candle to him right now.

This is what makes this Ciampa/Gargano feud so intriguing. Both these men are at the top of their games. One is the top face, while the other is the top heel. It’s the perfect set-up for a match that fans have wanted to see since the two squared off in the Cruiserweight Classic. And what a match that was.


If you can recall the emotion, passion, wrestling of that classic match, you’ll get a good idea of what they have in store for Takeover. Ciampa is the one that will get booed, sneered, chanted, and yelled at, that’s the passion fans will display towards him. Look for Ciampa to relay their hate in the match. He’s going to feed off the crowd.

It’s amazing how quick Gargano has gotten this fan support. You’d expect Ciampa to have the same kind of attention had he been wrestling. The injury really killed his momentum. Who knows if NXT would have had him a face or heel at this point had he been healthy. Still, he’s on his way to the upper echelon of NXT stars.

Everyone expects Gargano to move to the main roster after Takeover. It’s possible Ciampa follows. After all, he’s just as talented as Gargano. And after the way Ciampa has handled himself in promos and appearances leading up to Takeover, you can make the case that he’s indeed ready to make the jump.

Gargano is going to be over regardless of whether he wins or loses. Of course, we know he’s going to win against Ciampa. But NXT and WWE need to make Ciampa look strong. He’s the future of the company, like Gargano. This match will be a good indication of their ability to succeed in the main event spot.

The future for both Ciampa and Gargano is bright. This match is much more important for Tommaso Ciampa than Johnny Gargano. He’s the one that needs to draw in the crowd, as he’s been gone for months. We know what to expect from Gargano. Will Tommaso Ciampa be just as good as his former DIY partner? We’ll find out in New Orleans.

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