New York Giants: The signing of Nate Solder makes it interesting for Ereck Flowers

We are officially one hour into the NFL Free Agency beginning. There have been a ton of players who have new homes. It seemed that the New York Giants were not going to make any pickups right away, but they were able to land former Patriots Left Tackle, Nate Solder. According to Ian Rapport of the NFL Network, the deal is a four-year deal worth 62 million dollars. It’s worth noting that $34.9 Million of it happens to be guaranteed. This estimates to about $15.5 per season.

This is a major pickup for the New York Giants. For the better part of a few years, the team has had a terrible offensive line. In the Eli Manning era, he has been sacked a total of 359 times. I know he has two Super Bowl wins. However, how can any quarterback succeed when they are avoiding defenders that much. The addition of Nate Solder is great, but it is not enough. You still have other people protecting Eli Manning. If the Giants can sign guys on the offensive line, then maybe Eli Manning won’t be on his back that much.

According to several insiders, Nate Solder took less to stay in New England the last time he hit the free agency market. A major reason for why the Giants went out and spent a lot on Solder was in due to how poor Ereck Flowers has been in the last few years. He has been mediocre at best and he has gone down as one of the poorer draft picks for the Giants. The signing of Nate Solder leads the Giants to now figure out what to do with Flowers. He was your first round pick in 2015, so you aren’t going to outright release him. It will be interesting to see what Dave Gettleman and crew have in mind with Ereck Flowers.


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