Universal Studios Orlando: Let’s Get Some More Spongebob At The Park

Why hasn’t Universal Studios Orlando invested more in Spongebob Squarepants? Aside from one themed gift shop, the single parade float, and a meet and greet, you wouldn’t have any idea the popular Nickelodeon character was even featured there. What are some ways Universal can get the Bikini Bottom world into the park?

1. Spongebob themed attraction
Here’s an idea that Universal should have put together months ago. Giving Spongebob his own attraction seemed like a sure thing. With all the classic Universal Studios rides going away, all that’s left is the E.T. attraction. Why hasn’t Universal converted the once popular ride into something different, like Spongebob?

Who knows what Universal would come up with here. There’s a ton of opportunity to use the Spongebob name at an attraction. If they keep the same E.T. ride system or go for something completely different. Imagine what they could do with that themed queue line. The Universal Studios creation team would have a field day with Spongebob.

2. Krusty Krab restaurant
Take out the pizza eatery next to the Spongebob gift shop. Place a Krusty Krab in its place. Furthermore, here’s a way to get the Spongebob name and fell down without investing too much in a new ride. Additionally, make the inside look like the Krusty Krab. Feature meet and greets with Mr. Krabs, Spongebob, Squidward, and Patrick.


As for the food, a Krabby Patty is a must. In fact, knowing Universal, they’d probably make this burger a unique experience. Also, possibly adding a secret sauce or something along those lines to make it stand out. Indeed, a Krusty Krab could be a typical quick-service restaurant, featuring all your typical food choices. The highlight of which is the Krabby Patty.

3. Bikini Bottom Themed Land
Here’s the most ambitious project for Universal Studios. How about creating an entire land dedicated to Spongebob at the park? Just imagine walking through Bikini Bottom. You’d be able to incorporate both 1 and 2 on the list into this new project.

We fully expect Nintendo Land to go in place of the kid’s zone at Universal. This is why a Spongebob section will probably never happen. Although, there’s a distinct possibility it gets built at the third gate, as soon as that gets announced. That’s just a pipe dream really, but it’s indeed possible.

Overall, adding more Spongebob is a good idea for Universal Studios Orlando. One of the most marketable characters in the world, business would be booming because of his inclusion into the parks. So, perhaps Universal has something in store for Spongebob.


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