WWE Rumors: Would The Young Bucks Ever Consider WWE?

We know the Young Bucks aren’t really going to WWE. Despite the duo answering the challenge of Sheamus on Twitter, there’s no chance of it actually happening. Although, what if it did? How big of a surprise would it be for the World Wrestling Entertainment Universe to see the world’s most popular tag team appear?

Just imagine Matt and Nick Jackson in the WWE. The superkick party would be coming for the tag titles. And considering the two have won just about every major tag title in the world, winning the belts in WWE would be that much sweeter. Still, who’s to say the two would even want to come to WWE.

The Young Bucks have a good thing going in ROH and New Japan. They’ve been champs of the two promotions more times than you can count, and are a part of the most successful wrestling faction since NWO. The All In show, which was orchestrated by them and Cody, looks to be one of the biggest indie wrestling shows of all-time.

If you were Matt and Nick Jackson, you’d go to WWE if the money were right. Just look at Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Those two left New Japan to join the WWE. Like many expected, they’ve been booked horribly. Although considering they make consistent money, and perform in front of 15,000 fans a night, it’s probably worth it.


Who knows if it’s all about the money for Matt and Nick. Seeing as they’ve wrestled in big crowds in New Japan, the WWE might not be the pinnacle of their career. But getting the chance to work for Vince McMahon is every wrestler’s dream. Perhaps Matt and Nick Jackson are content enough to forgo a career in the WWE.

Some wrestlers thrive on the indie circuit until the WWE sniffs them out. If you’re good enough, they’ll find you. The Young Bucks are indeed good enough. Who knows if they are willing to go to the WWE. Vince McMahon has been hot and cold about indie wrestlers. He used to never give them the spotlight, now it’s more than half his roster.

Make no mistake about it, The Young Bucks will draw money for Vince and his company. Their shirts at Hot Topic were one of the chains 5 best-selling tees for 2017. These are the kind of merchandise sales WWE wants. Although, If Matt and Nick go to WWE will they be as popular as they are on the indie scene?

You can say a wrestler loses some of his appeal when he goes to WWE. They are no longer indie darlings. The casual fan won’t know who half these guys are, but it’s worked for some. A.J. Styles is a perfect example of a wrestler that’s translated from the indies and New Japan to a big seller in World Wrestling Entertainment. The Young Bucks are just as, if not more, popular as Styles was.

Matt and Nick Jackson would kill in the WWE. Many fans across the world love these two. While the Young Bucks might not have the same underground appeal they have now, the company would put them in the upper echelon of tag teams in wrestling history. Thus, if they ever do appear, expect them to challenge for the tag titles. It’s really just a matter of time before they do.

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