Bojack Horseman: How Will Hollyhock Change Bojack For The Better?

Would Bojack Horseman have been a good father to Hollyhock? We found out in the Season 4 finale that the two are brother and sister. Surely Bojack feels a little more responsible for her than that. Bojack has never been the responsible adult. He seemed to change during his time with Hollyhock.

One wouldn’t expect Bojack Horseman to be a great father figure. As things progressed with Hollyhock we saw a different side of him. The partying, drinking, self-centered Bojack was gone. Instead, he cared more for her than anyone or anything.

Hollyhock doesn’t need a father. We know Bojack did all he could to enforce the rules with her. He acted like a concerned parent. This was a much different side to him we weren’t used to seeing. Who knows what it what it was that changed him, but it was for the best.

As he takes on the role of Hollyhock’s brother, Bojack might change his ways. With someone else to think about, someone who looks up to him, he’s got no room to party and get wasted. He’ll need to turn over a new leaf. Hollyhock will look to him for advice. Bojack needs to set the example.


We know the history of Bojack and his parents. The last thing he wants is to lead someone down the path they set for him. And while he might not be a father figure, a brother can sometimes be just as important. He’ll want to serve as the outlet and friend Hollyhock needs right now. Bojack has learned from his parents’ mistakes.

Having Hollyhock is going to help Bojack in many avenues of his life. He’s starting to reach the point of old age, so he’ll need to start thinking about slowing down. There’s really no reason he needs to go down the path he was on before he met her. All that would do is set him up for loneliness and despair later on.

We’ve seen Bojack destroy friendships and relationships before. Todd, Princess Carolyn, Sarah Lynn, Diane, all have suffered because of Bojack’s inability to care about anyone but himself. Indeed, Hollyhock needs a brother, someone she can rely on. Hence, this is the chance for Bojack Horseman to show he’s really a caring, kind individual.

So, what’s the next step for Bojack? He’s going to be a part of Hollyhock’s life. Whether or not he changes his ways is up to him. It would be great to see a different Bojack Horseman. There’s definitely been a change in him, and one for the better. Hopefully, we see that coming from him in Season 5.

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